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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today is ONE crazy day!

Let me begin with, how do you like to live?

Me....I would trade in my suburban for a very sturdy bike with training wheels to ride in life that is surrounded by pillows. In short...I'm not a risk taker.

I'm VERY cautious with decisions and often stay with the safe decision. Well, about 6 months ago my husband and I finally made a decision we had been discussing and took a HUGE risk...which is SO not normal for me. And today, our risky decision is finally working out.

I'm not sure where I'm at with it. My stomach is in knots from the swirling emotions of excitement and anxiety. I'm smiling and worried all at the same time. Is it possible to feel this way?

My girlfriend who's a VERY "glass is half full" kind of gal is ready to slap me for my anxiety...she's a risk taker also. But me, I have the constant feeling of needing to always be prepared for the worse. So, I'm thinking that makes me a "glass if half empty" kind of gal.

Right now, I have an inbox with emails that I'm thinking I shouldn't answer until my head is clearer and I don't send off random words that only cause more confusion as I'm not even thinking clearly. I've already answered a few emails and then after clicking send...I think, "oh shiz!" What I just wrote is wonkers, I meant to write....and then I'm sending follow up emails trying to clarify my thoughts. So, for now...I think it's safe to just let those emails sit until my head is clearer and my emails aren't filled with random words.

So, if you're waiting on a response...I promise I'm getting to it, my mind just needs a few more hours to absorb what's going on.

For now, I'm going to start this new adventure and pray for guidance...heck, I mean beg God for guidance.

And as always...eye candy with this blog post. I pulled these from my archives...actually a shoot held in 2008. These pictures were my favorites.

And....please send me some serious positive vibes to be more of the "glass if half full" kind of gal!
And ... on top of the crazy emotions going on today...Easton is getting his molars and is FILLED with pain. Right now he prefers to live on my hip, resting his head on my shoulder. Sadly, I was actually thinking he might have an ear infection and made a donation to the doctors office for a very short visit. Leaving with the confirmation his molars are ready to pop through and to give him Motrin.
Now, how sick and wrong am I for kinda wishing it was an ear infection so we could have antibiotics to make him happier. Right now, I'm going to invest in Motril stock and right this out. My poor little guy...teething has been easy for him up til now.


maggie said...

Okay...I'm on pins and needles. Sending TONS of positivity your way. Call me when you get a chance, girlie! {mwah!}

maggie said...

Okay...I'm on pins and needles. Sending TONS of positivity your way. Call me when you get a chance, girlie! {mwah!}

Julie said...

Ok...that was such a tease!! :) Now I'm dying to know what is going on! In the meantime I am sending you LOTS of positive energy!!

Leah said...

Hey girl....you know I love you...and I am sending you positive vibes...I am sorry your baby is not feeling well...and what sweet bday girls you have!! Love the carousel pics! And our weekend getaway is coming...whoo hoo!