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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It's been a long summer here, I haven't been shooting outdoors and while I do love great indoor light…nothing can ever compare to the golden hour light at the end of the day.  It was pure heaven for me and even though I've shot at this location before and know how beautiful the light is there, I'm was like a giddy school girl during this session.

The first session of my fall season was with a brand new client…always a little nerve wrecking in hoping I don't overwhelm them with all the antics needed to photograph kids and a toddler.  But they couldn't have been a more perfect fit, it was non stop fun and their mom just sat back and enjoyed great entertainment.

The little brother isn't the biggest fan of pictures, and his mother warned me and she is right.  He is enjoying the full toddler independent stage and my opinion is…let them be and they will join.  And by the end of the session, he walked right over to me and sat with smiles.  (insert big puffy heart smiles)

The coolest and cutest sister ever had me and my assistant falling in love with her singing the same song over and over while pretending to cradle a baby.  That little miss is so full of personality that it makes me ALMOST almost want to go through the fun 3 year old stage with my twins again. She is just darn cute.

Below was one of those moments, we left baby brother alone and next thing we knew he was walking over to sit with his big brother.
Seriously, this girl is ALL personality!
What's a session without posting all my favorite outtakes.  The worst part is, I'm drawing a blank at what was happening for some of these expressions but they sure are cute.
ALL TIME FAVORITE!  What makes it cute is remembering these tears weren't from a tantrum and didn't last more than a minute…just his sweet little protest.  TOO CUTE!


Nancy Proffitt said...

These are all just adorable! LYG