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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

1. I'm a chronic overshooter.
2.  I am the WORST with efficiency during a session.

Trust me, every session I try to be more efficient but then that goal goes in the tank….one of these days, I WILL be better. But for now, I do love the families I photograph and maybe if they weren't so darn cute, funny and amazing at being just themselves without pressures on kids then 
MAYBE it could happen.  The DaSilva family is going to experience this for the first time from me as there session was my dream session to shoot annnnd now a massive sneak peek from their session.

Until then, it's the fabulous families that make my job insanely easy and let me capture the memories they will forever have.

Before the session,  the mom shared with me that they are super relaxed and love being together.  EVERY bit of that is true.

Two months ago they welcomed their third baby boy and they couldn't have been more adorable together.  Their little baby has tummy issues and this session needed a few breaks for him to feel better. Which makes for lots of snuggling pictures.

There's nothing better than laughing with my clients and joking about the cheesy poses out there.  Anything we said got instant laughing from the big man in the family. And, he couldn't stop laughing the rest of the time.  

Definitely one of my favorite pictures from this session.  Their little guy was fussy and only stopped when his mom was swaying him.  Just below…the swaying in action and he was happy.

And…my favorite outtakes! These two boys, true best friends. They sleep, read, and do everything together.  They were the cutest.


Nancy Proffitt said...

Wonderful pictures!!! LYG