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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Meet the Haslup family.  One of the most real, laid back, should have their own comedy tour, kind, patient and sweet family.  It's hard to believe that I've been photographing them for almost 8 years when their twins turned 2.  I remember details of almost every session I've shot, but I remember first meeting them like it was yesterday.  The mother told me she figured they she lets them dress themselves  at that age so she let them pick out their outfits…and they haven't changed.   They just let their children be who they are and learning to make decisions as they are growing up.  
There's something special about watching a family grow over the years and see they still hold the same attitudes…and I photograph the stages as they change.

This session I warned them that they'll be lucky to have any pictures in focus from the constant bantering and jokes being made.  While photographing the kids, I could hear the parents laughing while taking pictures of me in action…oh the things they must've been saying.  I'm glad they were far enough away or I'm sure I would've been laughing right along side them.
While the girls have several similarities, they are all different.  At one point during the session, one of their twins and I were walking around she she said she has a hard time paying attention…I think that's about when she became my soul mate and I told her I love her for just that.
This picture below pretty much sums up how fun and different they are.
This little one, the middle child…quiet and taking everything in.  SHE has grown up the most out of the four girls, and I still a little sad looking at her pictures thinking a lot has changed since I photographed her last.  
My favorite is seeing the little dandelion seeds in their hair.  Their twins and best friends.  When I asked them if they argue much or get annoyed with each other, they looked at me like I was speaking a different language. I love that they're truly best friends.
Their youngest, didn't remember me at the start of the session but I'm sure she'll remember me now.  From what I was told, she is the little girl of many faces and I happily got to see all of them.  The sweet smiles and her sillies!  
The last two..just perfect.  Sadly, this session is one of only sessions that I don't have out takes from…weird I know.  I guess that's how they roll.  


Nancy Proffitt said...

These are just GREAT ~ it's fun to see families grow up right before our very eyes ~ I feel like I know them :) LYG