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Thursday, January 16, 2014

I keep starting to write about these boys, but I just am stumped.  It's pretty simple, these boys are: 
1. very good looking identical twin boys
2. I'm just starting to be able to tell them apart and I've known them since they were little.
3. 100% momma's boys
4.  Both of them are extremely talented athletes…their big sports are baseball and basketball
5. They are probably the most silly 16 year old boys I know, and I love it!
6.  There mom is one of my friends and I had them babysit my kids one night. Let's just say I was
very blown away with them as babysitters. I came home to my house cleaner than when I left it. They read stories to my kids at bedtime. And, helped my son fall asleep when he woke up upset.
7.  My girls have massive crushes on them!  Can you blame them?

Brody and Cooper just turned the big 16!  And I can't believe it!  
Right after they turned 16, I took the pictures below at their house after I finished a session on their property.  It was the fastest 10 minutes just before sunset and minutes before they ran to the car to leave for practice.  They were awesome…and melted my heart when they were running to the car and Cooper stopped to come back and give me a hug!
Their mother is always told how darn cute they are and good luck with two boys this good looking.  She always says…oh but they are SO naughty!
Secretly, I think she knows it and they are her babies.  
I've never known 16 year old boys to pull their mom in for pictures with them too.  Begging her to be in the pictures after she finished teaching a classroom of 3rd graders all day.


NP said...

It's hard to believe they are ALREADY 16. I know them best in the second picture and when they are attacking their poor mom ~ good thing she's tough :) LYG, N