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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A week before Christmas, I finally photographed the only extended family session for the year.  Needless to say, extended family sessions are my thing.  I tend to always refer out these sessions to my friends that are either wedding photographers or those that truly enjoy capturing big families.  It's not that I loathe this type of session.  It's just that extended sessions require an agenda and massive efficiency.  And any family that has worked with me knows I suck at efficiency, I crave capturing the fun in a family, I'm seriously hyper during a session, I have zero focus with an agenda and pretty much beat to my own drum when I'm working.  But this family was the exception to my rule.  The exception and most likely watching me run around the property like a kid on a candy high on Halloween night was their highlight of the year!  They have memories to laugh about for a lifetime.  

My  husband grew up with the Everett's since he was born, Mr. Everett is my father in law's best friend and also the owner of the property that he graciously allows me to hold sessions at.

A few facts about Mr. Everett:
1. Mr. Everett was the Salutatorian for his graduating class at Gilbert High.
2.  Began teaching at Gilbert High in his early 20's.
3.  There isn't a piece of American history he doesn't know.
4.  The teacher every student wanted in high school because he made learning history fun.
5. One of Arizona's greatest baseball coaches.
6.  Won baseball State Championships.
7.  In Arizona's coaches Hall of Fame.
8. Raised three girls that could easily out fish any man.
(I've heard endless stories from my husband about fishing with them. 
He always promised his daughters would fish as good as the Everett girls.)
9.  My kids wish they could have playdates with him. He's THAT fun!
10.  Married his high school sweetheart.
And after his family has been extremely patient in seeing the pictures from their session, I'm finally done.  Yep…it's true Everett family!  The biggest downfall my friends deal with when I photograph their family, is waiting for me to edit their session and wondering how much longer until they see them.
Thanks for your patience!
On Mr. Everett's property is a true treasure, his father's truck.  And a memory to have him photographed by it.
Mr. Everett and his daughters.
Again, the random moments I love.  Just took a little break to clear out a present on of their dogs left.
I love the random moment I caught with his youngest daughter…even if Mrs. Everett and Renae probably aren't too thrilled with their looks.  It's just too sweet.
Mr. Everett's property is full of fruit trees, blackberry bushes and grapevines.  It's natural to see him picking fruit to give anyone who wants, and then testing out one of them.  It may not be the most ideal picture but it's a moment so standard for him.
And here is the rest of his family.  


Nancy Proffitt said...

I LOVE every single one of these pictures of this special family. They ALL look GREAT!!!! LYG, N