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Saturday, September 28, 2013

These brothers are two of the sweetest little boys.  For 5 years I've photographed them from the time when I had to do handstands to get them interested in having their picture taken or to stop pestering each other.   They are full of respect for others, considerate of each other and thoughtful.

For all the parents out there with little ones that think it's a slow painful process getting family pictures taken, just remember when I tell you it's simply the age.  Just about every single child I've photographed can frustrate their parents during a session.  And your children are no different from the children in other families.  Trust me on that one!
It all begins at 1.  When the parents are dying to capture the sweet side, adorable grins and giggles.  But actually, a 1 year old is typically very shy and unsure about me.  And, the location is a place they've never been before and they get even more worried and clingy.  It takes a bit of work to really get the smiles shining but it's their curiosity and pensive looks that are those little looks that 
parents end up cherishing.

 18 months old...the tantrums start and it's rare to have a picture of your child sitting still.  
They love to run, jump and go every direction other than what is wanted. They giggle while running around and typically needing a chair, bucket or anything to keep them in one place.  They tend to smile easily...the fun age.

Then when they're 2 years old, they think I'm fun but all they want to do is be silly and run around.  With the occasional tantrum because the parents want them to stand still which is no fun for them.

At 3, the kids get more interested in me and remember that sessions are more like a playdate. And they tend to start knowing how to work the camera. 

At 4 years old, they have quite the little fun personality that knows exactly what NOT to do during a session.  But they also have an exploding personality that is fun, hysterical and uninhibited to savor every second of.

After those years, sessions get easier and easier. And the kids get a little more guarded with their personalities and the smiles tend to be more 'school portrait' style.   

These brothers, I've seen them grow through all the fun stages since Nick was 4.  Their mom is extremely laid back and trusting in the time I'm with her sons.  This session was no different, she sat in her car while her boys and I were off for pictures.  It's was bittersweet seeing how these boys have grown up and shocked that Nate is starting junior high next year.  

They went from being typical brothers that love to rough around with each other and grumbled at times for pictures.  But this session, I felt like I had two boys that I was catching up with on everything they've been up to...from girlfriends, baseball happenings and their school highlights.  

I couldn't believe how much I've watched these boys grow from rambunctious little boys 
into sweet grown boys.

After the session, the first thing Nick said was...  "Really, we're done?  That was fast."
Oh they just melted my heart.

 One of my favorite outtakes from this session.  We were on an old property that is filled with fruit trees and animal sounds everywhere.  These boys were taking every little unfamiliar sound in and often asking if we were on a farm. Below there were sounds coming from bushes to shortly discover the sweet little animals running around.


Nancy Proffitt said...

Wonderful pictures as usual ~ what darling boys! LYG