A session with yellow blossoms | Queen Creek Family Photographer

Friday, May 3, 2013

Working with this family since their youngest was a few months old, has been an honor.  Before we started their session, I was taken back in realizing how much I've loved watching their children grow up when we were talking about how old each of their kids were. It's hard to believe it's been 4 years since our first session together and it honestly got me a little emotional.  Each of the kids have changed so much.

For this year's session, I had a fun idea for their session.  But at the last minute, we decided to have their session at their home. They had a tree that was filled with beautiful yellow blossoms next to their driveway, which made for a fun little detail in their pictures.  One of my favorites about trees in the desert.

Their oldest daughter wanted a few pictures in her softball uniform.  I knew she played softball for several years and her first year in high school she's on the varsity team. I'm  no athlete, actually no athletic skills at all, but hearing that I was extremely impressed in knowing how competitive high school sports is.  We had fun together capturing a few ideas she had.


Nancy Proffitt said...

I can't believe how big everyone is!!! They all look WONDERFUL!!!!! Love the softball ones and think that's wonderful she made varsity her first year. LYG, N