2013 High School Graduate | Ghandler Senior Photographer

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I enjoyed this session with a soon to be 2013 graduate.  This is the second senior that I've photographed that has blown me away with all they've achieved already.  Katelyn is graduating a year early and already has almost her first year of college classes completed.  Talking with her about all she's achieved, definitely made me realize times have definitely changed.  

While her session was to photograph her in this big stage in life, she also wanted to include her new horse in the session.  She has been riding horses for several years now and wanted to graduate early for not only college but also for her to be able to compete more in jumping horses.

The horse she bought last fall is a retired race horse and is still in training for jumping.  The horse is only 6 years old, but is considered too old for racing.  The session was absolutely fun, but seeing how much her personality shined when her horse came out was beautiful.  Her entire demeanor changed and  it was obvious she is mesmerized by her horse. 

Isn't Jager beautiful?  He's absolutely stunning!  Because he's still in training, photographing Jager up close was a bit difficult as he's still easily startled. After the session, I have fun taking a couple pictures of him running of his energy.


NP said...

beautiful pictures and what wonderful accomplishments! Congratulations!!!