Meet Mechaela Class of 2013 | Gilbert Senior Photographer

Monday, April 8, 2013

I had a great time photographing Mechaela for her senior portraits.  When I write great time...I mean hysterical, laughing nonstop, talking almost the entire time, sharing bug phobias and just literally having fun.  I've had my eye on a couple of the locations we used for her session for about a year now.  It's not necessarily the location that can be tested out with kids, and she was the perfect fit for it.  When we were scheduling her session... I asked what type of location she envisioned for her session. When she told me that she completely trusted me in choosing where to hold mind began spinning.  

We met in front of an AutoZone by the location and I had her follow me there.  The location was near a friend's private property that gave me access to.  Shortly after arriving...I asked her to go on a little walk with me.  I was happy when she was in love with the location as much as I was.  And, even if a few of the places we shot at didn't work out like I had was great tested it out with her.  

The locations are definitely more natural and rustic like.  Basically, locations that we kept imaging were the perfect homes for spiders and other creepy crawlers.  I was walking her down an alley for one area when I must've hit branches.  Just then, there was a horrific loud sound that I wasn't expecting and believe me...I screamed as loud as can be and used major ninja skills to get the heck out of there, thinking some sort of 7 foot tall creature was going to leap out at me.  We both died laughing when she told me my bag just hit the branches.  Oh, we definitely had great times together laughing at our phobias and paranoid screams.  But like Mechaela said, I'll do just about anything and stand anywhere for the angle I want.

Thanks Mechaela for a great time. I'm unbelievably happy for you to start college.  

By the way, did I mention she'll be started college as a sophomore!?!  Yep, this girl has already put in seriously dedicated hours to getting a headstart in college before she even graduated from high school.


Nancy Proffitt said...

What a beautiful girl! Congratulations on graduating and starting as a sophomore (something I really can't imagine :) So THAT was the screaming I heard!!!!! LYG, N