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Friday, April 5, 2013

Yep, it's true...I'm actually posting personal pictures.  Can you believe there was a time that I blogged literally every single night for years.  Shortly after the twins were born, I began this little business venture with NO idea how to start up or run a business.  And aye aye aye, it is way more than I even imagined.  Of course, in the beginning it was fun to work late at night because it was an outlet that was just for me.  It was my 'me time'.  It was the time that I could challenge myself since I quit teaching.  But what I didn't realize at the time early in this business is those late nights made me a very grumpy person during the day.  I was almost emotionally removed from my family.  Sure, I took care of my family and loved on my babies, but I was so exhausted that I didn't leave much of emotional and mental attention for my family.  This went on for years, and it wasn't until after I had my son did I really sit back and realize how miserable I was during the day from working late at night.  

Right then and there,  I put the brakes on my business and purposely put it second in my life.  And even though I felt insanely guilty for my clients and business that I wasn't as available as I was early on...I literally was okay with it.  Because at the end of the day, those moments that I wasn't as patient, fully emotionally present and making all of myself available...I will NEVER get those moments/days back.

Now, the only guilt I have is the guilt that I wasn't fully available for my family. And for the past 3 years, I've been working hard to make that up to my children and husband.

With that being written, that doesn't exactly make me the best business gal. Actually, a pretty sucktastic business woman.  Huge confession: my response time sucks.  I have set days that I'm committed to working.  I work in my office all day on Mondays and Fridays.  If emails and orders don't come in on those days, they pretty much will get passed until I'm back in my office.  The emails I'll answer quickly, are those that have sessions scheduled.  I only schedule sessions on Sundays, Mondays and Thursday afternoons.  While this schedule may not be ideal, it's the hours I set to be sure that the days I'm scheduled to work get 100% of me.  

After putting all that out, that probably was way too much information.  But, that's me.  I'm a 'what you see is what you get' girl.  But, what helps ease my guilt is knowing that my clientele is outstanding.  Majority of my clients have been with me for 5+ years and they know my family comes first, and give me that allowance and understanding.  And there is no greater gift I could ask for than understanding.  I could rave about my clients as the day is long, because at the end of the day, they continue to trust me in creating memories for them, let me into their lives, they often become my friends and for that I'm forever gratefully and continue to strive to give them 100%+  in each session they have with me.

Now, occasionally I've been asked why I don't make more days available for sessions.  Here's the family comes first and the second most important person in my life is a dear friend I've worked with for almost 20 years.  I have both my college degrees in special education and shortly after high school (yes, I just gave a hint to my age) I began working with a girl with a developmental disability.  Right then, she became like my first daughter and the little sister I never had.  

Today she is 24 years old and I continue to work with her during the week.  I typically have my friend with me Tuesday mornings to Thursday afternoons.  And during that time, I want to give her 100% of me to ensure that she continues her growth and to learn to have a better life.

Well, that is my first Friday rambling. And yes...I have the annoying amazing gift of rambling.

For months now, I've had an list of topics that I plan to blog about every single Friday. The topics are personal life, locations, wardrobe, how to build client relationships, blogging, using your camera, etc.  It's literally the list that keeps growing when I add to it after waking up in the middle of the night with another 'ah ha' moment. And I only found it fitting to kick off my Friday ramblings with writing where I've been and why I went completely off the grid with my blog and keeping those that still read my blog in the loop.

Now, to officially stop my ramblings, I'm happy to share with you my baby girls.  My twins turned 7 a couple months ago.  They are incredibly different from each other in looks and in personality.  I have the best relationship with each of them. Camryn keeps us laughing and is still all personality. Cashlyn is my little mini mom. I'm pretty sure our mornings could be called our daily coffee dates, and one day she might actually get the coffee she keeps begging to have. For now, we drink our coffee/milk together, chat about everything, shop online and can spend hours together on Pinterest.

These pictures are every bit of their personalities.


mom of twin boys said...

Thank you so much for sharing Tami! I worked day and night after my twins were born and it wasn't until our +1 came along that I realized I couldn't do it anymore. I'll email you to reserve a sunday appointment. Take care!

Nancy Proffitt said...

AHHHH ~ our sweet girls!!! I especially LOVE how they really do love each other! LYG, N