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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've finally taken the time to post a couple dozen of my favorites from a session in Pinetop from October.  While I'm insanely behind in sharing sessions on Facebook and on my blog, this year I'm promising that I will have each of the sessions from this fall posted.

The H family is one of my all time favorite families to work with.  I've been photographing them for about 6 years, when their twins were almost two years old and I remember that session like it was yesterday.  I think that's when I was in awe of their mom and the amazing qualities she has as a mom and beliefs in raising her daughters.  I'm mean, seriously she is humbling and definitely leaves me feeling like I've raised my children to fend for themselves.  

The best way to describe this family is by writing they are all about raising their girls to appreciate individuality, confidence in themselves, building strong relationships and appreciating everything in life.  

Both the mom and dad could put on a comedy show just by themselves...another family that I have to remind that the more I laugh the less their pictures will be in focus.  

They scheduled their session for the top favorite sessions in the White Mountains that I do every fall.  When scheduling their session, they wrote that they trusted me with selecting the location and they would follow me where I decided.  I just don't think they realized what they agreed to and their eyes were opened when I took them up, down and around a rough road randomly stopping at places that I dreamed would be gorgeous for pictures.  

Their laid back personalities definitely gave the opportunity to capture their family, right now...and just how they want to remember it.

I'm fortunate enough to have built a friendship with my clients and find qualities in each of them I admire.

When the mom picked  up her order we were talking about how I'm still longing to have one more baby...that I'm just not feeling complete.  Unfortunately, with being infertile it's definitely not an easy road to go down when having another baby.  After she picked up her order, she sent an email that has given me reason to think. Her words were peaceful, strong and give such good direction that I have to share them on my blog in hopes that they may reach another mother that shares similar feelings.

"When we were talking I could not put it in to words but later in the day it came to me.  I have enough love for 100 children but I didn't have enough time.  That was how I knew I was done.  That feeling of doneness also came with a tremendous sense of peace.  Before I figured out I was done, I was like you and I thought I would never feel done.  Sometimes we can't hear our inner selves because we are so darn noisy.  Take some time to quiet your mind and I bet it will talk to you:)  Hugs!"


NP said...

OK, I think I can type now through my tears. What a beautiful explanation! All of the pictures are just beautiful and everyone looked like they were having so much fun. That was really cute of the kids on the ground in a circle. They are growing up so quick. LYG, N