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Monday, December 17, 2012

Just as my fall season was wrapping up, I got a message from my girlfriend's husband wanting to know if I could squeeze their family in for a session as a surprise for Nicole.  At that time, I was already workign nonstop but KNEW I was so excited to photograph them.  He patiently waited for when I could squeeze them in and when I did, Nicole had days to put together her family wardrobe and it was fabulous.  When I finally talked to Nicole about the surprise, I laughed when she told her husband that she knew how busy I was and didn't want to overwhelm me.  

But seriously, how could I pass up photographing her gorgeous family...that showed up to their session at a very random location that looks horrible from the outside.  My friends know just how to make me one happy photographer friend.  And their session was amazing...which is why I'm sharing almost ALL of their pictures.  
I love the sequence of these next pictures.  The little guy is my son's best friend and he is one happy boy.


NP said...

You're right Tami ~ those ARE amazing pictures!!!!! The "C Man" just cracks me up! What cutie pies they ALL are! What a nice surprise! LYG,

Leah said...

HOLY CRAP!! This session is DIVINE!!! You are talented friend!