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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

There isn't much I don't love about this family, but if I had to pick one favorite about them it would be our history together.  I was lucky that my husband grew up with the father in this family in junior high and high school. Shortly after my miscarriage his wife, Julie, was one of those girls that was always there for me.  There weren't many days that passed that she didn't call to talk and followed me each step of the way during my infertility treatments each time we tried to get pregnant.  Then when I finally was pregnant, she discovered she was expecting too.  9 months later, we had our first babies on the same day, in the same hospital. In the years following, this family has become our extended family.  My kids know the parents as Uncle Ryan and Juju, and would probably sell a limb for just the chance to see their best friends and/or go to their house.  It's really cute to see.

Excuse me for getting mushy with this family session post, but this family truly tops my list of favorites in my life.  It's funny to see how friends come to be and there will never be enough hours in the day to brag about all that makes them amazing to my family.  And, we happen to have some hysterical stories that can still make me cry laughing thinking of them. 

While photographing my friends has it's perks (they get a 24 hour notice for a session), it also can make for a tricky session because I'm not a novelty to their kids.  It's kind of like...Tami, seriously?  
There youngest is at the fun age where they want nothing to do with being in one spot, let alone smiling on cue.  But my oh my...she is one cute little girl. She actually has my husband head over heels in love with her.
Just have to post a real life picture. They make me giggle.
Then there is Miss P, I could tell her to hang from a branch and she'd do it without question and smile the entire time. It also doesn't hurt that she's the girliest tomboy there is, pretty typical to find her on a daily basis with her hair perfectly done but covered in dirt from spending the day outside.
Oh I BIG puffy heart this's just life.  And they look gorgeous enjoying it!
The pictures below is where the funniest story begins from this session.  It's not secret that I'm not scared of much if it means I'll get the angle I want but...this time I was a little freaked out and didn't hide it from my friends.  The water I'm standing in for all the pictures after this one was dark, merky and mossy.  I kept having flashbacks of my childhood in Kansas in knowing this is the water leeches live in.  But, I survived it with a few random screams running back and forth when I saw bubbles slowing rolling to the surface.  While I did get through standing in the water, it wasn't until after the session did I make the discoveries that still give me the shivers.
After the session, they spent a little time fishing which is Ry's favorite thing to do. It was perfectly them, what they love to do. 
It was about after this picture that I realized the little crawly things on my feet, yep....there were leeches on my feet.  And believe me, I can roll with the roughest situations but I stop when it comes to those creepy things.  That was when the shreaking and screaming for my friends to rescue me, while I stood paralyzed acting like a 2 year old.  Pretty much horrifying!  And they're the kind of friends that will tolerate me and actually searched between my toes because I swore there were more but couldn't look.  I'm a HUGE wimp with those creepsters!
And if you just read that dramatic story, feel free to laugh and tell this story to others because I'm laughing right alongside you.  In full admiting form that I'm a ninny wimp.  (chuckle chuckle)


NP said...

OHHHH, I love all of the pictures and the funny stories. They ARE great friends if they'll remove leeches from your feet!!! I would too but you'd have to wait until I found a REALLY LONG stick. LYG, N