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Saturday, November 17, 2012

I know I keep writing it over and over about photographing families since their kids were babies, and I just have to keep repeating that.  It is extremely flattering when families continue to invest in my photography and leave me breathless that I'm able to write that I've photographed their children since they were babies.  It's the relationship that I cherish with each of my clients that've I've enjoyed working with since the start of my little business 6 years ago.

I remember first photographing this family when their twins were turning a year old.  I remember that session like it was yesterday.  All of us doing our best in attempting to keep the girls in ONE spot for more than 10 seconds.  Each of the girls would crawl in separate directions and the parents would just laugh.  And this is that family, that from their first session they have just embraced the craziness of life that children can bring, realizing that the busy days truly are few and pass quickly.  Here are their twins just before they turned 6 years old, with their little brother that is super chatty and full of personality.  He was making me laugh throughout the session with his conversations about his favorite characters from the movie Avengers.  

This was their second session in Pinetop this year.  They trusted me in having their session at a favorite location in the White Mountains.  The afternoon was extremely chilly ( I think my thermometer read 40 degrees), everyone with goosebumps and we tried to stay in the sunlight to keep warm. I loved the feel that the sun gave their session, by the creek surrounded by pinetrees...absolutely gorgeous location.  It's my little heaven on earth that I go to with my children every time we're up north.  I could spend hours there just taking in every sound and just enjoying the peacefulness of the pinetrees.
And yes, they hired a photographer that happens to drive around with worms left over from the morning fishing trip with her kids.  Their kids loved seeing the worms and playing with them.  One of this families goals while up north was to go fishing, and since I had worms, I also had fishing poles in the back of my car...which helped them check one activity off their list.  Nothing like a photographer WITH camera, worms and fishing poles for the kids.  Yes, clients can have an all inclusive photo session.


The Whyte House said...

I am so in love with our session. Thank you SO much, Tami, for capturing all the different faces of our kids.

NP said...

I LOVE all of these. The sun is beautiful shining through. Of COURSE you have worms in your car :) LYG, N