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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Most photographers are always hunting for a new location. A location that is unused, kept secret and offer it to their clients...a location that is original. In Arizona, it's standard to say that there is little choice of locations that isn't all cactus, desert and overphotographed.

For a year now, I've been dreaming of a session at this little hidden gem in the Arizona desert. And it's so worth the drive.

When planning my cousin's maternity session, I was thankful when she said she trusted what ever location I suggested and was more than willing to follow. I was smiling every day as I thought of her session.

Then came the day of the session. Of course it was another standard Arizona day, temps in the 110's, a heat advisory and storm clouds always in the sky to smoother the valley with humidity.

But, the day of the session...I had an uncomfortable feeling all morning. By noon, I looked east and saw HUGE storm clouds building and I finally made the call to my cousin. I told her that of course her and the baby were a priority and the flexibility was there if she chose to reschedule to another day. As an Arizona girl, she knew this time of year the temperature was standard and preferred to just get through the session. Then the storm rolled in. Thankfully, the storm stayed south and the rain left us alone.

With my uneasy feeling all day, I was extra prepared for the session. I packed extra bottles of water, my backup camera, several memory cards, and extra batteries just in case something went wrong. When I got to the location, I felt like I was caught in an auditorium with my pants down when I felt the hurricane like wind! Yep, seriously...no rain, no heat just a serious windstorm! I just froze and then thought how I still have to make it work in this wind.

A fabulous photographer friend of mine once told me that a photographer can work in any weather/light condition and find a way to make it work. Those words just kept ringing in my head.

Thankfully, when my cousin arrived we just laughed. And extra thankful that she was super laidback and patient. Because there were many, I mean several, moments that we just stood there wishing and praying for the wind to give us a break. Also have to add, it wasn't the fun wind where you can get "super model wind blowing hair look" but wind that was nasty and kept her hair hidden behind her back or wrapped around her neck! grrrrr!

All in all, the session left us with many moments to laugh about. Even though, at the time, I was working hard to hide my frustration with the weather.

Thanks Tali! LOVED your session!

I just had to include this one....there were many hair holding moments! HA!

Thanks again and I'm anxious to meet your newest baby boy! I'm hoping he'll be half as fun as Jax!


Leah said...

These are beautiful Tam!! And your cousin...stunning...and the location...perfection!

NP said...

Well you certainly made that work. The people and the location are just beautiful!!! LYG, N

barb said...


La said...

Simply stunning! :)

jen said...

These are gorgeous Tami! I do know of that little gem tucked away in our desert, but it isn't always so lush! GORGEOUS!!