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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yesterday was a tough day for me. It actually started out great...the kids and I grabbed donuts, coffee and had a little playdate with their good friends.

As the day went on, my kids began melting down. With a soccer game smack dab in the middle of a VERY warm Arizona day (should be illegal in my opinion) and my 2 year old missing his much needed daily nap. I'll spare you the little details in between, just trust me it was one of those least favorite days.

Any other day is much easier, but this weekend, my husband was out of town. I was flying completely solo in the parenting/3 ring circus department and my fuse was definitely running out.

During all the craziness in the day, I couldn't help but keep thinking about a session for that evening. Not just any session, but an extended family session where I was getting excited for. This session was booked months in advance, and my anticipation was building.

The session was perfect, except for the ants that kept making their way up my jeans.

The one big perk of my job is getting to know people. Getting to know their stories, where they came from, how they met and what they just love about eachother. I love hearing families laugh, talk and just find themselves being okay in the silence of eachother. Families are beautiful...simply beautiful.

And, of course, I'm that photographer that talks just about the entire session with my million questions.

But, I'm also that photographer whose heart melts when I capture moments like this.
Thanks G family! Yesterday was too much fun! I hope you enjoy this moment captured as much as I do!


Cheela said...

Tami, You have such a gift with your photography. I went up to the mountains near Douglas and the desert around here changes drastically in 60 miles. It was beautiful. I wish I could capture the beauty in a picture like you do!

NP said...

That was amazing that you got such a special picture with so many people! Looks like a special family to me! Ilove the little guy looking on. LYG, N