Sweet R-man! |Queen Creek Child Photographer

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This little guy...who looks incredibly old in these pictures...has been a best friend to my
twins since they were born.

His parents are very good friends of ours. A friendship doesn't get much better.

Our three kids were born on the same day and same hospital.

I just love these three together!

Just another one of R's silly faces...which always cracks me up! Love that we photographed him next to one of his grandfather's biggest treasures!
Happy Birthday to you big boy!


Brittney said...

amazing pictures as usual!! can i ask, in the first few shots, are you using a flash or reflector? that big boy shot was perfect!

Anonymous said...

He has become quite the poser for pics! Nice smiles! Ro

NP said...

Oh my GOSH~ these pictures are just adorable! I LOVE the one of the three of them ~ so darn cute!!!!!! They are growing up way tot fast. R looks just darling . . . Uh, hay IS quite a TREASURE his grandpa has! LYG, N

Tami Proffitt said...

Thanks everyone! Nancy...there are so many treasures at his grandpa's house that I have YET to photograph with. It's honestly endless there! Julie and I were all over the place taking pictures! LOL!

Ro...love my R-man, one day I should post the images before and after the ones I post! There was serious bribery going on during this shoot! He's like my own kid...growing up in front of my camera that he cries when he sees it! Thankfully no tears on this shoot! LOVE him!

Brittney, Thanks! I never use a flash and definitely wish I had my reflector with me on this session. I need to be better about always having it with me. It would've been so used on this session!