Soaking it all up!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wow, I can't believe it's been over two weeks since I posted on my blog last. Wow...I honestly never thought I'd see the day that I'd go more than a day without posting. I giggle when I think of how I was so addicted to blogging every single day.

Do I miss the blogging? was a huge outlet for me.
Unfortunately, when I started noticing my marriage and children suffer from my workaholic ways...I quickly took a step back and had a reality check.

My committment to spending more time with my family in 2011 has taken off perfectly and even better, I'm actually keeping to it.
But, I'll be honest, the past two weeks my spring schedule has been jam packed. And, I, there isn't anything I'm more thankful for.

Thankful for being able to finally find a way for my work and family life to merge, and me keeping my sanity. The trick to finding the secret was learning to say no more, and having to be okay with it.

On that note, my days and nights are filling up with more of little moments I want to savor. The moments I keep thinking will be gone when they begin school.

Did I soak up all these moments as much as I could the past five years? I'm not sure. I really don't think I took advantage of each moment. And, I'm not about to have that regret in the days and weeks leading up to the girls starting Kindergarten. Nope! NO WAY! Not going to miss one more moment.

This week Camryn is Star Student in her preschool class. One of the perks in being Star Student is going to bring home the class pet, Mikey. Stuffed animals are Camryn's favorite toys! ALL time favorite!

Mikey has received the royal treatment as we left school. Including getting belted into the car seat with her.

Camryn makes me happy. She makes me smile. If I could bottle up anything, it would be her carefree happiness and seeing everything in the world as harmless.

Right after lunch, Mikey went down for his nap. What you can't see is he's sleeping in her Jasmine shoe. :)
I'm hoping to not make my next blog debut sooner than later! For now, I'm soaking up moments with my baby but hope to share more moments with you soon too.

I'm horrible with keeping secrets! I just can't blog will be getting a HUGE facelift soon. {giggle}


NP said...

Ohhhhh, aren't Camryn and Mikey the SWEETEST???? He doesn't know how lucky he is to get to sleep with blankie and ducky :). LYG, N