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Sunday, December 12, 2010

This fall season has been filled with photographing past clients and building a relationship with new clients. Throughout all the sessions, I had in my mind that I was determined to have December to spend with my family. However, December hasn't quite gone quite as planned. I had several newborn sessions scheduled on my calendar and I've wrapped up my 2010 calendar photographing the most beautiful time in the life of families...welcoming a baby into the world.

Here is just a glimpse from one of my 5 newborn sessions in the past month.

When taking the pictures and selecting the ones for processing, my mommy heart was pulled in a million directions. And the child still in me, thinks of how much I would cherish these pictures if they were from my first days of life.

Newborn days are fleeting. They're filled with little sleep on the parents end. Along with a million minutes awake, in the middle of the night, watching a baby sleep. With each minute that passes, every parent knows that each minute is cherished as they'll never have this time back.

To the B family, thank you for sharing these minutes in your life with me. Squeeze those sweet baby girls for me and smile.


Kara May said...

These are beyond amazing!!!! The lighting is perfect! I love everything about these Tami!

NP said...

Wowsiers! These are just beautiful! LYG, N