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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

This past week, I've enjoyed hours of time away from ... my computer, answering emails and being on the phone. I literally disappeared from anything media to just be with my family.

My fall season began with a bang and it was nonstop sessions. While I enjoyed each session, my heart was always pulled in all directions as I knew how bad my babies missed me. I would explain to them how taking pictures is my job...they just didn't get it. Each session I left for, they would tell me to just take one picture. This just broke my heart. I wrapped up loose ends with work and disappeared last week after delivering products two days before Christmas.

And just like last year, the busy birthday season in my family hit me like a ton of bricks. Christmas day is my husband's birthday and the day after is my son's.

While the timing is less than appealing, they are very important days. I committed myself to be sure that the holidays would never get in the way of celebrating. Then Wednesday night hit...all of a sudden, I realized how unprepared I was for the birthday celebrations. I literally think I had a panic attack. I had plans on Thursday that I bailed on and began baking like a mad woman with my girls. I cleaned the house, made my list for the birthdays and did all I could to be ready. And while I did try...I still have my husbands birthday party to do with just us 5. A few months ago, Camryn began saying she wanted to make TW an elk cake. I elk cake...go figure! I just had to figure out how I was going to make it happen...and I have, but I'm keeping this a total surprise for him. Camryn rarely keeps surprises, and even she's kept this hush hush!

BUT I am happy to write, Easton had a great family birthday celebration with a pinata and all.

I spent his entire birthday remembering all the ups and downs we went through to discover we were expecting him and the day he arrived. I remembered how it truly broke my heart to ever hear him cry. I couldn't stand one second not fixing all his problems...from the moment he arrived. I remembered how peaceful he would sleep if he was just next to me.

Easton is truly my last baby. And my baby is growing up.

Here is a large glimpse from my session celebrating Easton's 2nd birthday.

I just love my little guys toothy grin. Even after he painted the toilet with my mascara (true story), this grin saved him.

Yep...this guy is my little devil.

Each one of my clients has had this chair in one of their one point or another.
This chair is incredibly handy for toddlers...always perfect for keeping them still for a was ultra special to use in Easton's session. My great grandfather made this chair for me and my siblings. It's part of a set that went with a little table we grew up playing on.

He loved the little candy tricks I kept using....needless to say, he had ONE belly full of candy by the end of his session.
And what it feels like to be a photographer's child. By the end of the session, he kept walking to the car saying "bye bye". He was so done with me... Photographing my own kids is never an easy job...but it leaves me with fun memories.

{A quote from my favorite little boy book}

The simple playthings,
the everyday moments,
picking up that hundredth rock-
all of these are brimming with possibility...
if you slow down
and let the future begin
with the small moments of today.
Because everything depends
on letting a little a little boy.

Little boy, you remind me how so much depends on days made of now.

-allison mcghee & peter h reynolds-
I'll be taking the next week off from any "official" work. But believe me, I have a long list of office jobs that need to be done. The kind of jobs that are incredibly boring. Paperwork is top on my list, but before that...I'll be tackling my website. For now, I have a few elements on my website that have been taken down. One of which is my session pricing...however, there will be no pricing changes for 2011, just better organization in the information sections. I literally went crosseyed when I'd look at what was up.

If you have any questions regarding a session, I am currently scheduling. Please feel free to email me any questions you may have.

As for changes in 2011, there will be one big change....session availability. I will be scheduling less sessions this spring and summer. If you're thinking of a pressure, but please don't hesitate to call/email me to chat...I definitely don't want to turn sessions away but right now my heart needs to be with my family more.

Hugs to each of you and I hope all of you had a great Christmas.

And, blogland...I miss you. I really do. I definitely plan to pop in more often.


Jen said...

He is so sweet Tami! I feel your heart when you talk about him. I feel the same about my baby boy. Good for you for taking more time for family in 2011. You'll never regret it! xo

NP said...

What perfect pictures of our sweet little/big Easton!!! Love the hands in the pocket, his precious smile, and of course the hat ... a million more things too but not enough room or time to mention all of them. Birthdays and Christmas were PERFECT!!! That quote was heartwarming! LYG, N

Denise George said...

What a cutie!!! Painted the toilet with your mascara...where do they come up with this stuff, lol? The photos are fantastic. I always really, really admire your work.