Thursday, November 11, 2010

Just popping in for one sneak peek from a recent session.

I was excited to have a session with a family that I could've sworn I just photographed a few months ago...but really it was 6 months ago.

Their little man just celebrated his first birthday {sigh}...and he was nothing short of the most dreamiest 1 year old boy that did nothing but smile and wave hello his entire session.

My assistant and I arrived completely prepared with action photography in mind as 1 year olds tend to be super fast runners. I was clicking my heels the whole session in disbelief in how easy easy he was to photograph.

Imagine how giddy happy I was when his dad arrived with a restored truck that belongs to this little guys grandfather.
While I'm just sharing one, trust me I'll be back with more from this session...along with other pictures from past sessions I've yet to share.

And, a huge thanks to baby D's dad for arriving not only in a freshly polished pickup but with smiles for this session. Baby D's dad is an pediatric ER doctor and just finished a long shift at the hospital! Thanks for being nothing short of amazing!

Funny side note:
The last session I had with them, I totally miss guessed the age of baby D...and this session, I broke a knob while rolling down the window! Yep...this family even laughed when I tried to open the tailgate. I swear, I'm an accident waiting to happen! I'm sure my family and friends reading this are totally laughing as that is so me.

At this point, I'm thankful my camera is still in one piece and will stick to only touching that. {insert giggle}
I've been working around the clock...literally, working nonstop. Today I had three holiday card orders arrive, still waiting on a couple gallery wraps, one reprint from a damaged order due in and then I'll have 4 orders ready for delivery. I'm now working on new orders and catching up on proofing galleries. BUSY BUSY BUSY!

The best part, all my photographer friend's facebook posts are filled with the same nonstop activity. Tonight I just hit a brick wall and will be taking the next couple hours to sit brain dead in front of the television.

Baby Update: 1 of the 4 babies due this November arrived on Monday. I'll be photographing her next week.

I'm anxiously waiting to photograph a baby girl due to arrive in the next couple weeks. heaven is here! My husband's thankful for newborn sessions...since that's as close as I'll get to enjoying newborn days again.

To all my Arizona nice is this gorgeous fall weather. I hope each of you are enjoying a little time outside with your families.

Lastly, I want to give a shout out to the most outstanding Veteran in my life, on this Veteran's Day, to my dad...Richard Garcia. While every day I'm with him I look at him and smile with pride for knowing my father dedicated himself to fight for our is that day that I fight back the tears as I constantly think of the stories he's shared with me from his days in Vietnam.

Along with my pride for him, I also think of my uncles, Sam Chavez and Ernie Garcia, for their dedication to our country as well. And I can't forget to mention my brother, Vincent Garcia, he has been to Iraq and is currently serving in the Army right now.

I'm the proud girl in a family with several men that have served our country, and that's just on my dad's side.

I could hug each of you right now if I saw you.

I love you and thank you...thank you for your dedication.


Denise George said...

What a beautiful post, especially the last part. Your work is always amazing! Take a breath and enjoy the ride!