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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I have no idea where to even begin with writing words for this post.

It comes down to one thing...this fall season is truly the best in the past 4 years I've been in business. When I really think about it, I'm smiling that I get to watch families grow and that they continue to invite me into their lives to capture their family as they are.

I first met this family almost two years ago when their son was born. I knew during their session we were a good fit. This family is all about fun, laughing and justing being who they are. I remember trying to get a couple serious pictures with the mother and...that kind of picture just can't happen with her. She is always laughing and smiling. It's too unnatural not to see her smiling happy.

I photographed them last when their son was turning one. During that session, they had shared with me that they were expecting their second. A couple months later, they were determined to get on my crazy fall calendar and I'm so happy they did. Honestly, there really wasn't a way I wouldn't have found a date for them. They are just one more reason I love my job and make each of the late nights working worth it for me.

Introducing the newest baby in their family. Baby Peyton.
The most rewarding part of their session is that they were 100% real. Their son is 18 months old and they embraced capturing him just how he is in this stage.

I'm not going to lie, sweet Carter was a total ham during this session. Sitting back and capturing it and going in the direction he wanted to made the pictures fun to take. This is the kind of session I dream of having with my twins when we had Easton.

I love the hysterical moments in life, the moments we want to remember in 20 years and I'm happy I captured these moments.

To the L family...I love each of you and thanks for a great session. I love you even more after the hours we spent together talking and laughing.

Each of my clients know, I honestly have no shame in what I'll do for a picture. One of which is encouraging kids with candy. After hysterically convincing Carter for pictures, I busted out the candy Nerds. He snuck away for a second and broke into the stash.

One of my ultra favorites from this session. He has the most beautiful, ice blue eyes and is all in mouth and all.

Oh, this picture makes my mommy heart cry for just one more baby. If only, if only....they arrived sleeping through the night.

I just love this simple, so right in the moment...and so what I would've loved to have my kids have as a memory when they're older.

When I ended their session, I gave them the rundown for when I would be able to deliver their edited pictures. And what did they say...they told me to take my time. That they weren't in any hurry, that they knew I was busy enough with my crazy season and family. Again...another reason I love my job. Little do they know, I loathe not being caught up and I long to spend December with my family without late nights of work.

Again, L family...LOVE each of you. I'll have your gallery out to you shortly.

{side note}: I'm mentally preparing a VERY thankful blog post with pictures and all. While I'm thankful each day...right now I'm feeling extra thankful and I have to share. Be sure to watch for that blog post.


Scarlett's Hope said...

What a beautiful family!

NP said...

Who couldn't LOVE these pictures??? LYG, N