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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Every mini session season, I'm excited to see familiar faces and catch up with the little ones that are growing up faster than I'd like to see.

I first met the M family when they were expecting their first...their little boy.

And here he is, the sweet and active age of 2.
Almost two months ago, they welcomed their baby girl into their family...making if complete.
I was ultra happy to capture one of her first smiles...just as I was clicking away, the grin happened and I smiled with her.

Their little guy is a total hat junky...taking the hat off for just a few frames was almost torture. Thankfully my assistant was there to torture me with tickles to distract him a bit...apparently he found it funny to see the photographer giggling on the ground.
To the M family, yet again...thanks for another great session.


NP said...

Oh so sweet!!!! LYG, N