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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I can't exactly remember just when I met my fellow photographer friend Haleigh....but I do remember our first night out was VERY hot as we were hanging outside of a restaurant chatting about everything in common and sweating like we were in a sauna...WAIT, it was an Arizona summer night.

We've gotten together since then and I like her even more...and a huge bonus as my girls are in love with her daughters. After we had them over for a playdate, I found a little note one of her daughters wrote to my girls. It melted my heart knowing my girls have great girls as friends.

My very sweet friend Haleigh.

Having a little photo time with her family! Just a day before I left for Pinetop I found out she was making a trip up there too....BONUS...I was able to get an extra set of helping hands for a large family session and get to know her entire family.

Of course I have a cute traditional picture of them together...but this is just how they are, full of laughs and smiles!
Haleigh, thanks for your help up north!


Laura said...

How awesome and adorable are these?! Fabulous work, and Haleigh, your family is just beautiful. Makes my heart melt! xoxo

Haleigh said...

So fun! I love them all! Tami, you are the best! So talented! My girls can't wait to hang with your girls again soon!

Kara May said...

Oh these are gorgeous!! I love the interaction here - you rocked it Tami! And Haleigh, you have a gorgeous family! Love these!

Brittney said...

all i can say is wow!!!!

NP said...

I LOVE these too :) LYG, N