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Thursday, October 28, 2010

I've already released the gallery to the Gonzales family...but anxious to share a few pictures of two amazing kids I photographed a couple weeks ago.

Last year their mother wanted to schedule a session but my calendar had already been booked tightly. This summer when she contacted me, we were eager to get her a session date. I'm definitely glad I had time with these two this year...they were a complete joy to work with. And, much easier than the little ones I'm typically photographing...which was good, they didn't think I was too funny when I said there was a bug in my camera! {giggle}

Meet Tatum.

Oh, how I just fell in love with her. She has a very quiet spirit and all around just sweet.
Her older brother and I had loads of fun together...he very cooperative. I told him he'd make a great husband one day...
Tee hee...just loved this one!
Ending with a sweet favorite of mine.

Thank you Gonzales family. I loved working with you...I knew we were a great fit during our scheduling chat.


NP said...

Very cute! I especially loved the "Do we really have to hug" picture ~ just adorable! LYG, N