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Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm giggling happy to write that this is the sweet family that spurred the idea for pictures in the white mountains....with huge thoughts of including the colors of fall into their family pictures.

Working with this family is always great time. The two little men in their family are a blast to hang with...the only regret I have is we didn't get to have our annual game of hide and seek after their session. I'm thinking I owe them a super fun game.

I absolutely loved this house that was up on the hill. When walking around the property, I was curious why the buildings were on top of large boulders.

There's nothing better than the giggles captured when a kiss is involved.
Sweet J is growing up faster than I like to realize. It seems with each family I remeet for a session...I'm always caught of guard when I hear they're older than their age in my mind. If you asked each family I've worked with this fall....there's lots of giggles when I'm corrected on the real age of the kids...apparently everyone isn't staying as young as I remember them.

They're also growing up faster than I'd like to accept. This little guy and I were having a fun game of "name that color" during our time playing little games while taking pictures.
To the W family...once again, I loved my time with you and your boys. I'm especially thrilled to have their daddy in front of my camera!
{The latest and greatest}
The busy portrait season is definitely in full swing. As my days and nights have been filled with nonstop work, I'm left thankful for the extra time I took to spend with my family this past summer. During my little break, I was reminded of how important it is to not work every single night, how 5-6 hours of sleep each night is definitely not good, and that quality t.v. time is very relaxing for me to unwind. This past Sunday, after two very busy sessions, I took the rest of the day off to play with my kids and have hours in front of the t.v. watching movies with subpar acting and I was VERY happy. I woke up today feeling that more relaxed and ready to tackle another late night.

I have a few families waiting for emails from me...and sadly, I told families I would email them details of sorts...and I'm hoping I remember all that I told. Tonight I'm off to send several emails but if by any chance you're waiting for one and don't hear from me...send me sweet reminder please. These days my brain is functioning on only coffee which is never a good memory jogger! tee hee!

By the way, I'm loving this holiday season more with each session. This season I've been happy with families that make the days and nights filled with work easier. This season things are less stressful for some reason...I'm going to blame it on my horomones being back in check. I swear, every girl should have a "forgiveness card" 18 months after having a baby...I'm totally serious too!
{of course all written with a smile and full sincerity}

With this fall being busy, I'm going to do my best in keeping each of you updated through my blog...but if you're extra curious what the crazies in my day, "like" ME on Facebook and you'll see my sweet face pop up a little more often.

Happy fall season everyone!


Cheela said...

Your pictures are an inspiration, but I agree about taking time for yourself and your family!! Would love to have you come take some pictures down in southeastern Arizona!!!

NP said...

Beautiful family pictures!!!!!! Sheila, if a photo trip works out, maybe I could tag along. LYG, N