Thursday, October 21, 2010

Last weekend, my family and I made the trek to the White Mountains to photograph a few families that scheduled with me a while ago. Traveling up north is a family favorite...when I was asked if I was interested in traveling...there wasn't a thought wasted before I said yes.

The weeks prior to these sessions, as a family, we made a trip up north so that I may scout out locations to offer as choices to my clients. I was thrilled when all families selected an old homestead that sits high on a hill...with aspens around.

The first set of families I photographed is always a personal favorite for me to photograph, for a few reasons:
~one of the fathers reminds me of my husband (always makes me work)
~humbled that they continue to ask me to photograph their family
~watching their little ones grow
~getting a glimpse into the monstrous progress a fabulous young man is making
~meeting their extended family
~ MOST importantly, they always make me smile and can roll with the random words that fly out of my mouth

Here are one of the set of siblings....out of the 10 I photographed, two families combined.

Their mother has shared that she'd like to have her kids photographed in their pajamas...squeal...then I suggested bringing some quilts. Imagine the smile I had when she shared her mother quilts...{glass breaking squeal}!

Unfortunately, you can see much of their cute jammers since it was freezing up north by this time in their session.
Here is one of the sweet girls that reminded me of Hilary Duff...seriously, couldn't she almost be a look alike. The best part, she has the personality to match those sweet eyes.
Um...this was one of the families that I was receiving emails during the wardrobe planning stage...LOVE the layers, coordination of colors, and texture.
Huge giggles with this little of the most mellow 2 year old I've photographed. It was ultra hard to break him of his pirate smile, so we embraced it...WHAT a fun memory from this age. I'm still giggling remembering him....LOVE!
Of course, everyone loves a dandelion blowing picture.

One amazing young lady...who put down her dance shoes for a softball bat. She is one all around talented girl.
I loved my time with these two friends!
And the young man that I'm smitten with. Smitten with his tenacity to beat the odds and keep his family proud of him. With the large session of 10, I ended up not getting time with him until the end...I had a brief moment to photograph him and that was all I needed. This session I felt it...we connected and I'm still grinning from the little chit chats we had.

Here's a peace out!

This past week I've been holed up in my and night, during every single second I have.
Along with my passion for photography, I have another jobbity job that has me smiling and fills most of my day hours. I recently looked at my calendar and I had to pick my jaw off the ground...I'm thinking I might move my bed or a comfy matress into my office just to keep up as I loathe being behind.

And on fun note...I just created and ordered my first sets of holiday cards of the year. I'm anxious for them to arrive...the mailman and UPS guy and I are about to get to know eachother real well. The UPS guy and I were on a first name basis at my old house...I'm hoping my new one is just as friendly since he'll be seeing me a lot this season.


Anonymous said...

ahhhhh, what a great way to end my night...viewing more of your work! You keep wow-ing me!!

NP said...

Wonderful pictures! LOVE the "peace out", eskimo kisses and SO many more!!!! LYG, N