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Sunday, October 17, 2010

This past weekend has been in the planning stages for awhile now...each second of it was perfect. When I started packing on Thursday, it took all of me not to panic...I had a million things running through my head and just had to stop for a second to realize the clients I was about to meet up north were every bit of amazing.

I was literally like a kid in a candy store...in a new area, filled with bold colors, cold temps, and perfect families. I had three full sessions...filled with great times.

One of my highlights was seeing a family I've been fortunate enough to photograph the past few years...and watching two boys grow up. I had to take a moment to giggle...remembering the sessions were I was the one man circus act just to keep them in one spot to now just chatting about what they've been up to. I love these two. I especially love their "all" boy spunk! It's never a dull moment with these guys...I even got a hug in the end.

I just love them...simply love.
{my favorite part of their session was when their mom said..."be careful. make sure you don't hit tami with the bat!"} giggle-LOVE!

Just one of the perks of my job...watching my clients grow up.

Another perk to my job is meeting other great photographers...Haleigh and I met over a month ago. At the last minute, she planned a trip to the white mountains and was able to help me with one of my sessions. I was also able to get a little session in with her at the last minute...each second with her family reminded me why I love her.

This past weekend was beautiful. I'm happy with each second I had with my clients. As I was downloading the hundreds of pictures today...I couldn't help but wonder where in the world I'm going to begin. And to make this weekend better...I came back to the valley to have a session with another amazing family. Honestly, probably one of the fastest sessions I've ever had that wasn't a mini session. Perfect photographic weekend!


Haleigh said...

LOVE! What a fun shot! Love the ones of the boys too! You are so stinkin' talented! Thanks for the sneak peek :)

Leah said...

Um...I am hiring you next year please....love Haleigh's family pics...and the location? The angels are singing in my head....love it!

NP said...

Ohhhh Tami, the pictures are wonderful! LYG, N

Anonymous said...

OMG! Tami, this family shot is PERFECT! The only way I'd ever be able to get one even close to that is if I brought along a taser and fishing line!