Sign of the times

Sunday, October 3, 2010

After I arrived to a location before a session began, I began digging in my purse to look for something...and couldn't help but laugh...OUT LOUD!

I was laughing thinking that everything in my purse definitely holds a piece to every part of my life, at that time.

~a ticket from Cashlyn's dance recital....from May!
~the GOLDEN swim goggles that my girls have to wear to go swimming. Without them, they won't go under. And, my girls are little it's like not having air to breathe for them.
~diaper wipes...self explanatory. NEVER leave home without them!
~bandana....WHAT clue!
~a book on disk from a ChickfilA kids meal...our fast food of choice. Seriously, it's an addiction!
~princess flashlight...who knows why it's in my purse! I probably took it after it was smuggled into a doctor's appointment or something. will NOT exist without it!
~Icebreakers. Because it's the candy we live on.
~hair ribbons. What girl doesn't always need a white bow!?!
~Sephora lipgloss...LOVE, enough said!
~floam. THE perfect toy to keep any little hands busy when waiting in line at the bankm or anywhere else for that matter.
~random receipt. tee purse is ALWAYS filled with random receipts.

As for whatever else is in my purse, buried below all these pieces of life saving goodness...IT all has a purpose at one time or another.
Now, where's my wallet...hmmm, that's always being searched for.

Life is good. I love all the random reminders for what's making me smile each day. I don't even want to think of the day when I open my purse to only find my wallet...I hope that day is far away, truthfully, it's closer than I want to realize.
What's in your purse?


Anonymous said...

My purse is basically a trash can I carry with me everywhere. I also keep my wallet in there when I'm not forgetting it on my desk.


Anonymous said...

I was checking out at Target one time and the cashier started laughing when I pulled out my wallet...She then said, "you are so a mom, you have chicken nuggets in your purse!

NP said...

You crack me up. That is a BEAUTIFUL display of your purse ~ sooo colorful and varied! You'd do great on Let's Make a Deal! LYG, N