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Monday, September 27, 2010

{tap tap tap} Um, is anyone there....

The last couple times I've opened my blog, I think I hear crickets chirping... I giggle when I think there was once a time, not that long ago, that I kept this blog updated almost every day. Life has definitely changed these last few months and my blog has gotten awfully lonely. So sorry blog.....and to who ever is left reading.

When thinking of the updates to share...the first thing to mind is my kids. My kids and I have been enjoying endless days together and me enjoying the joys of going to bed early.

With my schedule changing this fall, I have my new workflow in place...and ahem...I'm actually taking weekends off. Which is a first in long time.

One of the biggest "happenings" around my house is Easton in the process of using the toilet. SAY WHAT...yep, you read that right. When I told my sister he was doing big boy things, she said...."Hello overachiever!" I couldn't help but laugh and blame this whole big boy business on my little guy. A couple months ago, he started showing an interest...and I just remember Camryn doing the same thing a 18 months and me totally not ready to make the committment. Then, when I postponed the potty training business until 2 (for my sheer laziness) ended up taking almost 7 months. 7 loooooong grueling months. I ended up regretting not doing it when she showed me she was ready and I definitely wasn't going to pass it up with Easton.

So, here we little guy being a big boy. And, doing big boy business. I still can't believe it and I'm loving each second that he's proud of himself.

On top of that, after not talking at all, not even the middle of May, Easton had tubes placed in his ears. Very slowly he started talking and now, he is chatting nonstop. We absolutely love it. It's pure, sweet music to our ears. The list I've been keeping of his first words is not almost 75 words long. Simply amazing.

My little guy, who really isn't so little anymore. Most times, he's mistaken for being almost 3.

My monkey, at 20 months old.
A friend shared one of her kid's favorite books...and now Easton is a big fan of it.
If you're a fan of children's books, this is a must for you to check out.
I just love how I caught a glimpse of his teeny dimple.
My little guy always has me smiling big...even when I find him on my kitchen counter tap dancing.

One more I met with two fabulous ladies for a little camera refresher and intro. While I'm always flattered with emails showing interest in a class, I will not be offering any more "Get to Know Your Camera" classes this year. I'll be evaluating this service for 2011...with some revamping. If you'd like to be on the first to know regarding the release of this in the new year....send in an email and I'll put you on a list for when I send information out next year.


NP said...

Oh how I LOVE these pictures ~ especially the one with Easton and his Daddy ~ just makes me want to see you guys even more. I'm anxiously awaiting your arrival! LYG, N