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Thursday, October 7, 2010

It isn't too odd to hear me tell little white lies when I'm photographing a little one. In my opinion...the only time lies are really okay.

Once I heard that these little guys liked dinosaurs, I definitely knew we had lots to talk about. I was about laughing to the point of tears when one of these guys started using the correct terms for the actual names that tend to be a minimum of 15 letters long and easily shared if it were a herbivor or carnivor! Loved it...absolutely loved it!

When editing this session, I couldn't resist posting the outtakes where one of the boys kept looking for that dinosaur in my camera...seriously, too cute!

One definitely believed there was one hiding somewhere in the little black box pointed at them, while the other kept questioning.

Here they are...some of the cutest outtakes I've had in a while.

Looking for that dinosaur...
And, he thought he saw it.

Seriously, those eyes...adorable!

I absolutely loved watching the different personalities in this set of twin boys turning the sweet and ultra fun age of 3!

To just leave you with one more cute moment...sweet Cole quickly drew his sword whenever he thought a dinosaur might've been near.
Now, I promise I'll be back with a little cute sneak peek ... minus outtakes! I just couldn't resist.


Laura said...

So, so cute!!! LOVE!!

NP said...

These are just darling. It's so great to hear the stories behind the pictures. LYG, N