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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

There really isn't a right way to start this blog post...or a wrong I thought it just has to come from my heart.

Here I go...I love the little man of our house, Easton. Oh, how I love that guy. Sadly, the fact that he is my baby can be seen by any stranger. Unfortunately, my baby is also my little monster.

Today was a rough day...rough, horrific, mortifying, and plan old rotten with my little man.

Yes, I have one of those kids.

As usual, we have our good with the bad moments, it just seems like the bad moments are going to put me over the edge to pure terrorizing motherhood.

Today at a lunch playdate, Easton threw one of his tantrums...full blown screaming, clawing at the highchair to get out, and other things I can't mention out of pure embarrassment. Why....because I wouldn't give him a bite of my sandwich. Yep, that small but that's all he needs to get going. The only positive thing was that it happened in front of one of my dearest/sweetest friends...but then, I did it...yep, I asked her to take over because I can't get anywhere with him.

Later in the day, I had someone over and he, along with my girls, thought it was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of my lack of attention to do whatever they knew I wouldn't let them do. Loved that! Again, insert me being mortified!

Then tonight, another one of his OVER THE TOP tantrums...just did me in.

I think what is the hardest thing for me is knowing that I know behavior management, I know how to modify behavior...I know behavior basics, I have the ABC's checklist memorized {antecedent&behavior&consequence} and NOT one of those things ever comes in handy with my little man. I've taught some of the hardest behavioral kids out there. Yet, the concepts are flying far, far, far from my common sense. And now I just have to get myself back there...because at this point, I'm plain old exhausted with him.

I just want my little sweet guy back...not this stubborn, strong willed little boy he's become. He was the easiest baby. Sweet, mellow, laidback and always happy. Where did that go?

Thanks for the vent ...'s a great feeling! Now I just need to stop saying, 'the twins never did that'! Yes, I'm that mom! tee hee!
{now, onto more important recent location scouting trip}

This past weekend, my family and I loaded up the "burb" and made a family roadtrip to Pinetop. The main reason for the trek was for my husband to hunt and me to scout locations for a couple family sessions. Friday morning, the kids and I headed on the road to scout.

Camryn, who I can always rely on for a good laugh...asked if we were driving in circles after our first hour on the road...I'm thinking all the pine trees started to look the same. Love my little chunk of giggles!

Then, with the direction from a sweet friend...ahem, Haleigh...I found a great location that would be perfect for a morning shoot. Once I found it, the kids and I unloaded the car and began exploring. I was in total happiness with the location...oodles and oodles of character, the forest feeling, and a just plain vintage feel. I was very happy to have my kids with me to test out lighting, looking for optimal areas to shoot a large group, see how the light photographed as the sun will be high in the sky...well, higher than I'd prefer to shoot in...and getting some exploring time in.

Have a fun look at my three sweeties during our scout.
And, here are a few attempts to get a sweet picture of my three together...

Attempt #1
Attempt #2
Attempt #3
Attempt #4
(note expression and one that could care less about what I'm trying to do) :)
Attempt #5.....LOVE it, that is so my three!
Camryn is a mini me, Easton (see note above) and Cashlyn, totally camera ready!
And one for a good laugh...Easton and one of his three moms!
And because I can't resist sharing a few other sweet spots I scouted out...
To the G, M and W families...are you getting excited! I am!

Location 1-
with a gorgeous creek running through it, beautiful aspens surrounding it, pinetrees everywhere, and pure green heaven!
Location 2-
Ahhhh, I've been eyeing this location for years. My husband and I had a scouting roadtrip date while we were there... he is an Arizona know it all. When I told him about this place, we went right to it and he assured me it's off a marked road and can have access to it....YIPEEEEEE! We drove up a hill that overlooked a gorgeous valley, surrounded by aspens with leaves starting to change colors, pinetrees, an old barn, a homestead, and just plain picture perfection!

Location #3-ahhhh, I love aspens!

Me, I'm a roadtrip loving girl...I can never get enough of a roadtrip. It was the biggest compliment when a client asked if I'd be interested in a photographing her family up, hell YA! It got even better when two other families decided to join in the fun!

I had to narrow down my location ideas....and believe me, it was hard!


sarah goodman said...

LOVE your aspen location....SO PRETTY! :)

maggie said...

I am SOOOOO jealous of your stunning locations. They are all to die for!!!!! Can't wait to see you work your magic up there.

NP said...

Easton, Easton, Easton ~ good thing we love him so much :0) Of course I LOVE all the pictures. When necessary (and before) take deep breaths and go to your happy place ... roadtrips :) LYG, N

liz houser photography said...

love your locations! AWESOME! we don't have such beautiful picture perfect spots in Oklahoma.. bummer!

liz houser photography said...

oh tami... you are not alone in figuring out how to handle boys. i have 2 that are almost 3 years and 15 months. my oldest was an angel as a baby, but once he started walking his world views began to change... he was in charge now! it has only been since this past summer while my husband was tdy for 6 months that i figured out how to "guide" his stubborn little attitude. it's all about giving them choices within "your" boundaries so that he feels like he's in control of his destiny. when he doesn't choose or throws a tantrum instead, then i count to 3. if he doesn't choose at 3, then i choose for him... which some times means time out and/or a spanking. he's very aggressive, so i've learned i have to be aggressive, specific and to the point and consistent. not sure if that helps any, but good luck! you have beautiful children, and you're a great mom!

Anonymous said...

The Twins are GIRLS. . .a different beast! Remember what happened when we got the lone girl in the classroom! The difference is your MOM not Miss.Garcia this time! Mine listens much better to his teacher and does not flare his attitude with her. Desperate times call for desperate measues mom. When the temper comes out a concequence that Mom doesn't normally have needs to come out. We used pincher bugs, time out didn't work for my wiggle worm! Love you and love Easton too. I'll take him on his bad days :)
And I want the red cabin in my Christmas pictures so Pretty!