My ideal vacation

Monday, September 6, 2010

Last week, I was chatting with girlfriends and one question was asked...what is your ideal vacation? Me, I knew one right away one...camping.
(I had three by the way...ah, never been stellar on making one decision)

For the extra long Labor Day weekend, we planned a trip to Pinetop for a familly camping trip with friends. The White Mountains are gorgeous, just perfect and my favorite place in Arizona. Such a favorite, that my husband actually proposed to me in a meadow in the White Mountains.

Here's an overload glimpse from our camping trip....the kids had a blast. And, adults didn't have a bad time either.

While the kids played, explored and following the grown men, I enjoyed endless minutes talking with friends, reading magazines, never leaving the chair, eating and more talking. It was just what I've been needing.

I just love this picture...our son Easton loves playing with his sister's toys. While it isn't a big deal, I joke that one day my husband will have him signed up for a wood chopping class. Here's his first lesson....
Our friends have a little guy that's just 6 months older than Easton, having them together was perfect.
Of course a kid version of a Rhino ATV.
One evening we all went out as families on a Rhino ride...and my oh was dusty. Like the dustiest I think I've ever seen. When we got back, we were literally covered in dust. Here's our sweet Miss P....even after she was washed off. You can see the dirt still stuck in her eyebrows and around her nose. Love this little sweet girl. this boy! He can throw tantrum after tantrum and he still has my heart in his hands...and he knows it.
The first night...the sweet cheeks in the back was already picture ready. Loved it! The other three, they're a tad to comfy with being in front of my camera.
My Cam's future husband. While driving home today, Camryn kept asking when she'd see Ryder again, while following it with how much she missed him already. {sigh}
Loved having dandelion hunts with Cashlyn. And an even better time having her pull them apart.

My two main men.

I'm totally addicted to little guy.
{sigh} These two have grown up together and I love how they love eachother.

Woodchopping lesson 2.

My sweet little Cashlyn is definitely my opinionated one when it comes to getting dressed. One of her absolutely favorite shirts. Just today, she told me she's ready to start dance again...we've been taking a break from dance class. The only sad thing is now finding the right class and teacher for her. Again, she asked why she couldn't go back to her favorite dance teacher. The hunt will start, cross your fingers for me.
Woodchopping lesson 3.
This past weekend was amazing and full of fresh mountain air. LOVed every second of it and especially loved just sitting while talking with friends. If I could, I'd camp every weekend.

The best part of this weekend was scouting for locations while driving. In October, I have two sessions in Pinetop...and I'm anxious to have a family session with the Aspens. {swoon}
I can't wait for these sessions....I'll be back in a couple weeks to scout a bit more. I know, two scouting's just an excuse for another trip up north.

I hope each of you had a relaxing weekend with your famiy!


NP said...

Ohhhh how I LOVE all of these pictures. I'm glad we had the chance to see some of the fun in person. Every single one of the children there are so very special! Glad you arrived home safe and sound. Can't wait for the "scouting trips" LYG, N