I'm back for a bit

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

These past weeks, I've enjoyed a little slower paced life with work. I'm still working each day, but scheduled less shoots to start preparing for the holiday season.

But I'll confess, I've enjoyed my earlier bedtimes and spending more time with my family. This past week, our temperatures dropped below 100 and it was nice. We've been spending more time enjoying our new house and the acre that's it's on.

Here are a few snaps from the twin's first day of school.

My sweet Cashlyn was ready for her picture.
My girls....

Camryn makes me giggle. She is definitely a mini me. I've never been a huge fan of being in front of the camera and to make it easier for me, I usually do something dorky. Which is what I couldn't get her to stop doing when I wanted to take their first day of school pictures....but this is exactly what I want to remember this time in her life as.

I wish I could take credit for my girl's hairdos, but they direct and I put it together. My typical Cashlyn.
And the usual Camryn these last few weeks. She'll disappear for about an hour and come out with a very detailed ensemble of hair accessories....all perfectly placed.

My little guy....he is full of personality and is always keeping me on my toes while worrying what he's climbing on or getting into.
The girls have been enjoying the butterflies filling our yard...each afternoon, as soon as it's getting cooler, they're outside trying to catch one.

My husband and Easton have been working on a little trick...he asks, "what do you say to the girlies?" and Easton....he raises his eyebrows! It's the cutest thing and he thinks he's pretty funny. Here's a capture of one.
My little guy loves trying on shoes...it's pretty typical to find him toddling around with a pair on and lucky if they're on the right feet. Love this guy...
All in all, things are going pretty smooth around here since preschool started and we're enjoying our new schedule. Easton and I are loving our time together. He's still not talking and only has a few words in his vocabulary but he's trying more and more to talk. This is such a fun stage to watch.

While these last few weeks have been quiet...I'm excited to photograph a newborn that I scheduled a few months ago. She happily made her arrival past her due date and I can't wait to meet her. I'm also going to do a little catch up with a little girl turning 1...I haven't seen her sweetness since she was a couple weeks old.

And the big exciting news is....I've chatting with a designer on a new blog layout. I'm ultra excited. My blog now is so tedious in updating and I simply haven't had the energy for it lately...which explains my disappearance. I'm excited to see everything when it's done and share it with each of you!


Jessica N. said...

Love the one of Camryn goofing off.

NP said...

Ohhhh ~ I LOVE these BUT all three of these precious darlings are growing up WAY too fast! LYG, N