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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I've been the lucky little camera lady to be able to photograph this sweet girl the past few years. Photographing her for her 15th birthday was just what was needed to get out in the afternoon heat and humidity.

Before beginning her session, we spent a little time hanging with her dogs. This dog has one of the coolest dog names I've heard yet...Diesel.

Shortly after, we had a great time at a location I've had my eye on for a year now...and it was worth every second.

At the very end of her session...I was still keeping Nan laughing. Despite the total creepy feeling from the trailer, that looked like it should've been condemned, but actually lived in...or so we found out when someone was looking at us out their window. Aye aye aye!
We have a little follow up shoot in the next that I'm ultra excited about. Here's a hint...just a little taste of her serious athletic skills. I can't wait and hope to share soon.


NP said...

Ummmm ~ she is TOTALLY her mother's daughter. I feel like I'm looking at her a "few" years ago :) Just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! LYG, N

BeckyinQC said...

Tami I had no idea that before you moved I had such a talented photographer that lived right behind me!! Your pictures are beautiful! I've scrolled through many of your photoshoots and are amazed!

Taryn misses her backyard friends. . .although I'm not too sure your missing my little escapee!

It's nice to see your settled into your new place and doing well!

Anonymous said...

hey becky....we miss our little taryn! and the girls still ask about her. we also miss sweet garrett! how are things over in the old neighborhood? i've been wanting to go back to see the Jones' new baby girl but haven't found the heart to go see my first house. {sigh}

thanks for the sweet compliment! that's so funny! how did you find this blog....we have to chat sometime. and, i'm sure you're little guy is getting so big now.

tami proffitt

Anonymous said...

This is 100% Raquel!!!!!!!!!! Amazing....