One of my everythings....

Monday, August 23, 2010

Last week, I found out one of my favorite jewelry designers was holding a contest...with the prize of a $100 gift certificate to her store. I about fell off my chair when I discovered this.

The designer offers my ultra favorite jewelry pieces...and if I had my choice, I'd own at least 10 of her designs. While I own two, I also bought one for my mother last year. When I heard of her contest, I knew what I wanted to capture.

Just a glimpse of the faith I was raised with.
Growing up, I was raised active in the christian church. It's silly, but I remember our weekly schedule....not that we lived there, but the activities we attended were part of our life.

One of the things I respect most about my upbringing, was that my mother never pressured us into a faith but merely guided us in having faith, praying and looking to God for guidance. Although, there were times that I would get frustrated with her teachings...they are what makes me who I am today.

When chosing her Christmas gift last year, I didn't think twice about buying this necklace. And I always feel a pitter patter in my heart when I see her wearing it.

My mother is hope. My mother is faith. She is love.
My mother is my everything. While I am most likely her polar opposite and the complete black sheep in our family, she looks at me as though I'm the most perfect person in her life.

My mother lives her life on the straight and narrow. She is mannered, no fluff to her, honest and is a strong Christian.

There isn't anything I don't tell my mom. She knows my darkest secrets, humiliating moments, happiest times and never judges me or my decisions. I can guarantee I know where my mom stands on issues in life. However, we don't always see eye to eye on these issues. But, what I love most is when I tell her things I'm sure she won't be happy with, she gives me her guidance/encouragement in a direction for me to choose and will stand with me on my decisions.

She'll be there for me if I fall while encouraging me to get back up, dust myself off and try another direction. She doesn't tell me answers or encourage me to do what she thinks is right, but allows me individuality. Most importantly, I never worry that she'll judge me or my decisions. My mother is the example for me in raising my children.

With all that being written, I have to share that my mom and I are polar opposites in thinking. But share the same faith. A perfect example is when she and I were working on curtains for her office and she was literally about to drive me crazy with her NEED to follow directions to the very letter. This was frustrating because I could see the end product in my head and knew how easy it would be do it another way...thinking the directions were making a simple task difficult. But my mom, she had to follow the directions and I wanted to scream...she was taking too long. In short, this little project ended with us both frustrated and me leaving the house at some point.

I always giggle when thinking back to this because that is so us. But, she loves me despite my total right wing thinking. She loves me even when I drop swear words when I'm angry or stumb my toe...or when I call her to confront something and she just always there to celebrate my happiest times while I ramble about my excitement...and has a skill in following the 15 different topic changes I can make in 10 minutes conversation.

I love my mom...and she is one of my everythings.
When I had the idea for the necklace I bought her, I asked her to bring out one of her Bibles that is a family heirloom. In her house there is never a shortage of heirloom our great grandfather was a minister. When she shared the three Bibles and their history, I couldn't resist photographing them. They each have a meaningful story of their own and I tear up just thinking of those who owned them and once read each page multiple times.
Sadly, in the past year I've had friends have their mother pass away...including my grandmother. This past weekend, I was with a friend that recently lost her mother to cancer. I spoke about my mom and soon she shared how thankful we should be to still have ours. As well as sharing on how much she missed her own. Last Saturday was her mother's birthday. Sally, I love you and think you are a woman of courage and strength. And I know your mom is with you each second of each of these days. It simply comes down to faith.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post!


NP said...

Tami I just love your beautiful words and pictures of your wonderful mother!!! I know she will treasure this forever! LYG, N