Prayers for Teagan

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Through the internet, I've met incredible people...two of which are Jodie & Kim (I copied you :)) and the other is Lyndsay.

Right now Lyndsay is going through a terrible tragedy. One that makes my heart break and one that makes me angry...but putting anger aside, I am asking each of you to please open your hearts and say prayer's for a friend, fellow photographer and sweet girl...and more importantly for her son Teagan.

A couple weeks ago, Teagan encountered a problem with his vaccines and is currently very, very ill from it.

I've been following the progress and this point am broken down from what Teagan is going through, not to mention Lyndsay and her family.
{image courtesy of Life in Motion Photography but stolen from Fresh Art Photography}

I heavily believe in the power of prayers and I'm reaching out to each of you to say your prayers for Teagan and his family. They are all desparately needing God's healing touch and strength.


Leah said...

Tami Lamb....your last few posts have been amazing! I will be praying for that little one...and the beach pictures are beautiful. Also Michelle's family images just touched my you friend and I love your little blog!

Meredith Nelson Photography said...

I am so sorry to hear this about your friend. I emailed her to offer help in anyway. We do the GF/CF diet. Thanks for sharing.

NP said...

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. Thanks for letting us know. LYG, N