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Friday, July 16, 2010

One of the perks to my job is spending time with families and getting to know adorable children that are happily active. I recently had a session with a little boy that is turning 2...and turning 2 comes with a list of new activities...that mostly include moving fast with full blown curiousity and little to do with me.

Good thing I'm just as active as a 2 year old, love playing and love chatting to get adorable pictures. The trick with photographing this age is to let them lead and just follow. Sometimes it takes a bit of time...

This little guy was a fan of happily sitting on the step of his front door...add a lollipop and pure kid happiness.
Here he is with is basketball or "hoops" as he said when he showed me his dad's ball.
Just too cute to not share...
When his mother and I talked about holding his session at his home she was a bit reserved ... but it turned out to be perfect. She had the light I dream of in my house and rarely found in an Arizona home. I loved shooting at his house though, there were many touches that I thought added perfect details to this milestone in his life.
And, the cute little pieces of art that his mother had made for him.

My favorite outtake from this session. This little guy, Jake, wasn't in love with wearing his shirt and often found trying to take it off. I think he just wanted to show off the stylin' shirt.
To Jake's mom, thanks for a great morning and being patient in seeing your sneak peek. Trust me, there are oodles more that are just as adorable and a few favorites I'm saving for your gallery release.

Writing that I'm trying to catch up with work is an understatement. This past week got super busy with my niece staying with me, my husband on an Alaskan fishing trip, a trip to urgent care for a careless accident while making guacamole, painting my office, designing announcements and storyboards...oh yeah...today I turned 35.

Eek, 35....I knew this age would come but it happened faster than what I was prepared for. Today I had a happy celebration with my family, my twin sister, a sweet friend, swimming, a BBQ with my dad's SUPERB hamburgers and a big bowl of Coldstone ice cream that my mother surprised me with, with birthday candles too.

Thanks everyone for being patient...for email replies, sneak peeks, mini session details and fall calendar update. Oh, and did I mention I've found a few new Christmas cards that are TOO DIE FOR CUTE. Shopping for cards is favorite of mine, it's like being a kid in a candy store.


jodie said...

I knew you would rock out this session! What a cutie!

and... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'm SOOOOO sorry I missed it!!! Love you and your 35 year old self! HA!

NP said...

The pictures are just adorable! Glad you had such a fun birthday! Can't WAIT to see you!!!!! LYG, N