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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Over two weeks ago, I met with Marlene for a family session. Marlene had been battling cancer and lost her battle two days ago.

When I asked Marlene's family if I may blog about her losing battle with cancer, here is what I received in response.

:::Yes, please feel free to blog about her...her life was always in the service of others and she was such a sweet, special soul that I wish everyone in this entire world could have met!:::

And I was blessed to have not only met her, but hug her, laugh alongside her and hear her beautiful mother stories.

About a month ago, I scheduled a session with a fellow photographer Michelle, of Sweet Moments Design. In no time, we had her session on my calendar....chatted a bit and met with Marlene and her beautiful children.

Marlene had been battling cancer, at one time beat it until it returned. When we met...she was weak, she only spoke in whispers but smiled nonstop. She received constant care in help with walking, standing and sitting. And while she was very frail, she was strong in spirit. And, honestly, if I would have asked her to climb a tree she would have done it...and not thought twice. While she graciously accepted the help, she was a strong woman that continued to try to stand tall and not let her condition limit what she wanted to do. She is a model...a model to all and it was very humbling for me to be in her presence.
It's not secret that I'm a person lives each day with PDA...{public display of affection}. I love sharing how I feel about others, what I love, what I admire and what I believe in. I also have a weakness in struggling to hide my emotions. I knew going into this session, that Marlene was losing her battle with cancer and that this session was to capture her with her children. I told myself driving there...I was NOT going to cry, I was NOT NOT NOT going to cry. That I had to keep myself busy taking pictures, talking and taking pictures.

To my dismay, her beauty over took me and I couldn't fight the tears. I was worried of her seeing them...I didn't want my tears to interfere with her session. When watching her, I began to cry...and choke up...and cry more. I looked at my friend and told myself to keep busy.

How could I not want to smile when I watched this family, a family filled with smiles. To hear Marlene talk about the beautiful days when she welcomed her children into the world, her funniest mother moments and to hear how she thought each of her children were beautiful inside and out.

While I love taking pictures, I have to say the best part of my job is meeting new people. Meeting them and getting to know them, hearing their stories and truly understanding how each family is beautiful in their own respect.

Whether a family is facing a tragedy, documenting a milestone or welcoming a new child, I am beyond honored when I'm invited into each families life even for a brief moment.

This family coordinated their session at just the right time and it was only a reminder to not let time pass in having your family photographed...

Me, I'm horrible with this...yes I know, a photographer. Yet, sadly I haven't had my family photographed since I was expecting my son Easton. And, this is another regret...and I plan on changing this by the end of the summer by having a session for my family.


Melissa said...

Beautiful pictures Tami and what a beautiful family!

Tami Proffitt said...

thanks melissa....this time was so special.

Sarah Maxey Photography said...

When I viewed these gorgeous images the first time on your blog, I thought "Wow, what a sweet, loving family!" and never once did it cross my mind that this beautiful and strong woman looked week...not once. I am sad to hear of her passing and will keep this family in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing this story with us!

sportzmom said...

Such awesome photographs. What a gift for her kids.

Martha said...

Tami, I haven't checked your blog in a while and then did today. I do not know Marlene, but you captured her beautiful spirit in these pictures, as well as the love and affection her children feel for her. They are a gift her children will treasure forever!

NP said...

You have touched my heart so I know how much you touched the hearts of this beautiful family. I am so sorry for their loss and will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. LYG, N

Linz said...

So sweet Tami, what a treasured set of photos. I have no doubt they feel beyond grateful to you!

Jaclynn_kyuss said...

This was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Cheela said...

I can only say "WOW" to another amazing capturing of the human spirit. I wish I had your talent for this, Tami. You truly have a gift.