Is it Kansas...NOPE!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I always giggle, as I get more comments on the picture that I use as the header of my blog.

That picture was :::hands down::: one of my favorite pictures. And, it was taken almost one year ago to the day.

I'll never forget talking to that sweet babe's mommy...also an fab photographer...when she mentioned wanting to do something with a vintage pram she had...I knew exactly where it needed to be taken.

When we got there...I was giddy happy as I carried the pram into the field, with the dream of capturing just what I wanted.

The best part is...his mother and I both are head over heels for this picture. She and I were taking pictures simultaneously and I was happy to see she created a gallery piece with it. Oh, how I love displaying pictures as art. I rambled there...I digress.

The point a recent session, a client asked where that field was as it looks like it's in Kansas. Nope, just the far east valley. If you look in the background, you can see the superstition mountains.

And, I'm happy to write that the field is ready for some photography lovin' again. I have one sweet little girl, who recently turned 9, in mind for this photoshoot. I'll be anxious to have this creative fun.

Here is just one little picture of my sweet girl in this field. The funny thing is, whenever we drive by any fields now, she always says she'll never go in it because there could be snakes hiding. Now I just need to pull these pictures out and show her that she once was in a field.


NP said...

Ohhh, this makes me want to jump in the pictue to give her a hug. I can understand the snake part. LYG, N