And he shares his frogs... |Queen Creek Child Photographer

Sunday, June 13, 2010

After Cade's session, my girls and his sister joined in the frog fun.

And my little Cam was in heaven.

She loves all bugs, animals...and just about anything that can't talk. She's my little animal whisperer.
Hee hee....just a cute moment with my cousin's son. These three were born just weeks apart...but actually our due dates were just days apart.

When his sister joined...I giggled at the "oh so typical, big brother teasing".

And one of our many attempts in getting these two photographed...the frogs were a bit of a distraction.

And that...this frog love turned into a family frog love moment.


Natalie said...

This is just too stinken' cute!! How fun to capture his love of frogs, one day he'll love looking back on this. :-) Gorgeous kiddos, all of them!

NP said...

I am in Grammie heaven right now!!! I can hardly wait to show Papa! ALL of the "frog" pictures are just precious ~ because of ALL the precious children of course! LYG, N

SloneFamily said...

Of course your girls are super cute..... That little boy tho, is like Super model Boy, holy cow, he is gorgeous :)