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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Several weeks ago, I met up with my cousin and her kids for a little fun shoot. After chatting with my cousin Andrea, we thought how fun it would be to photograph her son with one of his absolute favorites...frogs.

We started the session with a few pictures...but his attention was more on the little surprise I had brought and the bugs he was having fun looking for.
Then it was onto his love at first sight.

The night I picked up the frogs from a friend's house, I realized that there was in no way I was going to touch them. They were absolutely icky and gross. Now, there are several gross things that I can deal with and touch, it just doesn't phase me...but these frogs....EWWWWW!

So, I brought along a spoon to help pick them out of the jar just in case my cousin's son wasn't a fan of touching them either...and a butterfly net if he tried to hop away.

It didn't take long until he was spinning and singing love tunes to his new best friends.
And kissing them...double gross.

And, showing them how to kiss.
Such a fun session, and there are oodles more from this time.


Cheela said...

This is so cool!! It reminds me of a story when Kelly P. was young. Our friend and teacher, Ellen, had a turtle named John Doe. Kelly thought his name was John Dole who was a teacher at Gilbert High and a friend of her dad's. I have always laughed when I think about this and I do often!! Ask Kelly and Nancy if they remember!!!!

NP said...

I DO remember that now that you mention it ~ but had forgotten all about it. Another one of those "Kellyisms" :) LYG, N