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Thursday, May 13, 2010

A couple weeks ago, I was honored to capture a special celebration for a girl preparing for her wedding in Lebanon.

When we arranged my coverage of the event, I wasn't prepared for what I was about to be a part of. So, let me do my best in summing it up in words...and several pictures.

The event I photographed was on one of our windiest days in Arizona...seriously...windy isn't even a good word to describe it. More like, hurricane force... blow you down to the ground on your face...WIND!

As I was driving there, I had knots in my stomach just trying to force myself not to imagine how the wind would be affecting a girl's special celebration and keep hair from being completely blown in horizontal and vertical directions. And, it did not affect it one bit.

Thankfully, the home was able to accomodate the countless amount of women there to join in her happiness and the delicious food.

As the event began, I was blown away by the overflowing amounts of love and happiness filling the home as her guests arrived....I'm going to roughly estimate at least 50 people. And each person was connected to her through friendship and family connections. And each person was screaming happy to be there. I spoke with a few women there and tried my hardest to keep up with them sharing how each person was connected. Each person...connected in a close, tight relationship to the bride to be. The relationships and stories were simply beautiful.

Aside from those there to celebrate, the bride's mother provided an abundance of food...and large platters of pure deliciousness. The main courses were Lebanese recipes and each one looked scrumptious.

Those that know me know one thing about me...I LOVE food. Like, if there was a room full of people and one tiny french nose would hunt it down and I would be huddled in the corner devouring it and licking my fingers. I have a horrible habit of stockpiling my plate and throwing all etiquette out the door when it comes to filling my belly. Just to paint that tacky picture for you. So, imagine me in a house filled with yummy food.

Thankfully, I opted to give those attending a moment to eat without me capturing each moment of them eating, to try a few dishes. And, just to share, I didn't help myself. The hosts of the bridal shower repeatedly asked if I'd eaten yet and insisted on me eating. It was so funny, it reminded me of my grandmother and her sisters....we're hispanic...insisting on me eating and making me plates filled with tortillas, beans, tamales and flautas while telling me I was too skinny.

Here is just a glimpse from the main course table. To add, all prepared by the bride's mother and grandmother.
The "make your tummy yearn for more" dessert table. {Bragging moment} the cake was made by the bride's mother. Iit was impressive and delish.

Below....pure sweetness...enough said.
At the start of the bridal shower, I photographed the bride to be with a few guests and family. Here she is with her little sister...
And, with three of her best friends.

A proud mother with her two girls. I loved this trio. This picture captures their relationship perfectly.
While photographing this event, I have to admit is was refreshing to just be the "fly on the wall" and capture the little moments during her party.
The event was filled with tight relationships and traditions. It was truly beautiful to watch the welcoming, hugging, visiting, celebrating, and loving on all the children as though they were their own.
I giggled when I saw the little side party, with the only boys attending.
Each bridal shower is filled with games, but the games at this party were hilarious and so fun to watch.
While each moment of this event was special, I enjoyed watching a large tradition in this family. Cake cutting time...filled will celebrating, tears, hugging, singing and dancing.

Again, this event was filled with traditions and love. To the J family, I enjoyed each moment capturing this important time in your life and watching the love in your relationships. I also have to thank you for how gracious you were in welcoming me into your home. Thank you.


NP said...

Oh my goodness...these are FABULOUS! What pure joy and happiness you were able to capture. Ummm, the food looks almost too amazing to eat. LYG, N