My little dancer

Sunday, May 16, 2010

My girls have been going to a dance class since they were 2. This past spring, Camryn decided she didn't want to do dance but Cashlyn wanted to stay.

This was the first time that my girls did something without doing it together. At first I wasn't sure how it would go, but going to dance Camryn wasn't jealous or wondered why she wasn't going....she knew it just wasn't something she liked to do.

Well, until yesterday. Yesterday was Cash's dance recital and Camryn had a different idea about dance and her sister having the spotlight. It was so hard for me to see. I went into double time to make sure Camryn felt equally loved and adored as she watched her sister get dolled up and get loads of attention.
Cash did amazing at her recital...she danced the entire time on stage and was so proud of herself. We were so proud of her...our baby is growing up.

My girls started dance with their favorite dance teacher Mrs Tracey. We took a bit of a break from dance and the girls missed her so much... we ended going back to her. Then we got the yucky news that this dance year would be her last...gasp! I tried explaining it to Cashlyn but I'm not sure she quite got it, well until we return to dance class.

To her, dance class is Mrs. Tracey and Mrs. Tracey is dance class. Those two go hand in hand. I'm anxious to see where Cash decided to go with dance. For now, she's pretty darn cute flashing her dance moves and really just enjoys it.

Here is the ever famous Mrs. Tracey.

We hear a lot about Mrs. Tracey in my house...she's a permanent person in my girl's eyes. Needless to say, she'll be missed.
Mrs. Tracey...I know this time is equally hard for you. But what you have left my girls with is priceless. We'll forever be grateful that Cash started dance with you and will always have that memory. Because, let's be honest, she sure didn't get the love for dance from me....remember, I have two left feet. We are going to miss you more than you know!


Now, me and my baby girls. Can you guess which one wasn't too happy? That's about as good as it gets for pictures with me. I do love my girls.


NP said...

Beyond precious! LYG, N