My dumpster diver

Monday, February 8, 2010

My little Easton is drawn to our trash to the point of driving me crazy. Thankfully, the trash he has easy access to is the recycle one...

I walked into the kitchen to find him throwing back a milk carton that he dug out...with hopes he'd catch a drop I guess.

Then as I grab my camera, he turns into my little poser. Ah, I love my little guy.

I have to admit, I have yet to take his one year pictures. My goal is to get this done within the next week. I'll be honest, I'm a bit afraid....taking pictures of a one year old is not easy as they have one idea in mind...MOVE FAST. And especially when the one year old knows the photographer's bag of tricks to the point of laughing at me when I attempt to use one.

Wish me luck!


The Allans said...

Oh these boys. Lane is doing the same thing. Actually I have to go through the recycling and sometimes garbage because he thinks he needs to get rid of everything. I find so many things in the recycle bin, today, all my dish towels. I guess I am the dumpster diver?