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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I fall in love with each family I work with...each family for different reasons.

Today I spent a few hours with a beautiful family I've been blessed to watch grow. And the last time I met with this family, they had recently discovered they were expecting this little beauty.

{hat courtesy of Cricket Creations}
This family has a beautiful set of twins. Twins girls that had me addicted to them shortly after they turned 3 and are now 5. One of these twins is still on my website...the little cutie giggling in the grass with pink Converse.

They also have a very animated "almost" 3 year old that is full of sweet personality and I'm thinking keeps this family laughing with her antics.

After reviewing their pictures, there are oodles of cute ones but the one below just makes me smile. Maybe because it reminds me of my kids and how each one is different.

While not one of them is looking at my camera, I love it. I love the personality that fills it. This is life.
As we were starting their session, their mother had shared how this session was special to her as she finally felt that her family was complete. She teared up while telling me and in my mommy heart, I felt it. There is nothing greater then feeling a sense of completion.
And, the biggest reason I love this family....they love living just as they are. They have a very natural feel to them...they have no expectations and welcome themselves as they are. What's beautiful is when I'm with them, I feel that sense of freedom to just be themselves without restrictions.

And I love it!


bridget said...

super duper cute. I love shots like that where the kids are just doing their thing!!!

The Whyte House said...

I love these photos. You are so talented, Tami, and you captured their family perfectly.

Tami Proffitt said...

lisa, thanks a million! this session is going in my record books for definitely a favorite newborn session!

NOW, how is your bundle of joy? do me a favor, squeeze him super tight, smother him with kisses and soak up each day with hearts breaking from my baby no longer being a baby!

also, kiss your twins...i'm sure they're super proud big sisters! that little guy will have two extra mommys!