And it's me!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

During this shoot, a budding photographer captured silly ole me!

Actually, I remember when he was taking pictures and instead of getting my booty, I struck a little pose.

And, of course I giggled when they emailed this picture of me.
So fun seeing myself on the other side of the camera!


Anonymous said...

You are such a cutie pie Tami! Ro

NP said...

OK ~ I'm baaaack (you probably enjoyed the break :) It was fun catching up on your blog and I LOVED ALL the pictures. It made me smile seeing you first :) and of course I also loved seeing the birthday girls on the carousel and Easton posing for his picture!!! Trevor and Kyle could be models ~ I love that they have been best buds for so long. LYG, N

Julie said...

I agree with are so cute...and it was very nice to see your smiling face for a change! :)