I'm still here, just hanging out!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

These past weeks have been completely invigorating for me. While I attempted to take December off, we all know that didn't really happen. But this January, I've really been able to sit back, kick up my feet and totally absorb the slower paced life. AND....I like it. Actually, love it.

But ... a girl must work...and this girl has student loans that nag at me each month. So, in a matter of days, my camera will be back in action with a family I'm completely fond of and haven't seen in over a year. Not to mention the chance to photograph my two favorite senior boys. This weekend has big plans for me.

For now....just a bit of what I'm happily soaking up.
There is nothing better then a lazy day in pj's.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, our sweet boy! I'm thinking I'd better get out of my PJ's since I'll be going out and about ~ darn it!!!! LYG, N

bridget said...

Sweet, sweet boy! When's his bday? sounds like we live parallel lives. :)