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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Before introducing Jodie of Fresh Art Photography, formally Jodie from Jodified Photography & Design...let me begin by writing that the internet is an incredible place. Actually a world of it's own...filled with happy and crappy things.

For starters, my friend Lyndsay experienceing THIS. But then the happy moments come from meeting incredible photographers in other parts of the country...such as Jodie, half of the dynamic duo of Fresh Art Photography.

Jodie and I met last spring and it was love at first chat. We first met over email and then happily got to know eachother through fun filled phone calls where we were 100% there for eachother. While I knew I loved her from the moment I read her blog, over the past year I've grown to have super big happy thoughts of her and forever thankful we met...internet speaking.

NOW...I happily introduce my blogging BFF Jodie! And, like myself, just know you will love her as much as I do. She is 100% real and truly the best. And the best for answering my "Get to Know You" interview questions! She's also the master of newborn photography...stellar tell ya!


Let's start with a basic question...

What started you in photography?

Honestly, it started the day I had my first daughter. I had a film SLR (I've shot manual for a LONG time) but we were living 1800 miles from my family and so we borrowed a little point and shoot digital camera from friends to enable us to email photos right away. She was born at 1:14am (in 2005) and at 5am I was awake, more alert and asked my husband to see the camera so I could relive her birth (when you're being stitched from one end to the other you miss the baby being weighed so I was excited to see those photos for the first time!). But somehow, my sweet father-in-law reformatted the card and we never saw any of those photos. Let's just say, 4 hours postpartum is NOT a good time to realize something like that! I think I cried all day. Anyway, he felt so badly that he went out and bought me the first ever Canon Digital Rebel. It was my first time shooting manually+digitally and I never turned back.

What is your most memorable shoot?

My last one... when I got to photograph my niece entering the world. Any birth is amazing but watching my sister go through natural child birth and being able to capture those moments for her was well, one of the biggest blessings in my life.

What is the craziest moment you've had during a shoot?
{come on normalize me}

Two come to mind...

The first was the time I was out on a session, 30 minutes from home, when I realized I had forgotten to ask anyone to pick up my daughter from preschool! I was on the phone for 15 agonizing minutes before I found someone! I definitely felt like the mother of the year that day!

The second was when I was shooting this toddler and she wasn't cooperating for ANYTHING. But she loved to run so I was chasing her all around this parking lot when she fell and blood started pouring out of her nose! And of course she was wearing a white dress! Oh man I felt SO bad!

I know you participate in NILMDTS and what I consider the HARDEST contribution to families. How do you do it and get through it?

Honestly, it sucks. I have seen too many deceased babies. Something no one should see. And I've watched countless babies die in their parent's arms. But, I always just put myself in that mother's place. If I was losing my child, and I knew there were only short moments to capture their life, I would want to cherish those moments and not worry about capturing them. We come in and capture those moments. Those tiny moments that a family will cling to for the rest of their lives. And when it gets hard... like being called out in the middle of the night... I always remind myself that someone has to do this and it might as well be me. God gave me a talent and this is how He's called me to share it. And honestly, as much as it sucks, I really do love it. We give families something no one else can.

And I know a lot of you might read this, Tami included, and think "I could never do that." But I'm here to tell you that you can. And we always need more help!

Since bragging about ourselves never happens and i can brag about you as the day is LONG...
take a moment, and get your shag on and brag...

How do YOU balance being a super creative mom and photographer?

Oh my gosh I would not consider myself a super creative mom! But how do I balance things? I totally don't! I stay up way too late, I put my kids in front of the tv way too often, I send them to their Grandma's house once a week so I can work and the Mommy-guilt I feel on a daily basis could sink a ship. But my goal for 2010 is to be more intentional with my life. Taking the time to really BE with my kids and not just near them. We'll see how it goes!

You are a blogging genius...what gets you blogging? what inspires you?

Again, you are WAY too nice! I'm no genius, I'm just obsessed! I LOVE blogging! I love writing and combining photos+words to tell our life story. And the sad part that I can't believe I'm admitting to is that lots of times I am experiencing a situation and writing the blog post in my head! I just love blogging and I guess my kids are my biggest inspiration. My mom never kept a journal and when I was pregnant with my first daughter I would ask her things, wanting the TRUTH about motherhood and she honestly couldn't remember all the details. So at least now, our kids will know ME. That I loved them in every imperfect way I could! And they have the stories+photos to tell their story.

What would be your best quality?

My husband would say my boobs. HA! Kidding. (Sorry mom!) Ummm. A year ago I would have said my thoughtfulness b/c I was always great about sending a note of thanks or calling to tell someone I was thinking about them, but I totally suck at that now. So I guess I will say my best quality is to stay cool under pressure. I'm a half-full kind of girl and that can settle a crazy situation at times.

What gets you GIDDY happy?

My kids. New Grey's Anatomy. The perfect fall/spring day. My fountain Mnt Dew delivery guy at my door. Blog comments. A long hot shower. Sleeping late. Nailing a shot.

Where is your favorite place to be?

I don't know if it's my hands down favorite, but one of my favorite spots is my Mother-in-law's family room. Her home is gorgeous but so so comfy and cozy. In winter their fire is always going and their furniture is perfect to curl up in. I always feel at home there.

Where is your favorite place to be ALONE?

My car. I love to turn the radio up LOUD and sing along to every song that comes on! I love warm days with the windows open, pretzels and my soda. And good good music.

Who inspires you?

My partner Kim Weiss. She has a way of just NAILING exposure I still haven't mastered. And she has a quiet calm about her that I can't quite grasp. I've never heard her raise her voice and she just has a calming effect on the SPAZ that I can be! She inspires me to be a more calm mom and she pushes me to be a better photographer.

What is your number 1 goal for the new year?

To live my life INTENTIONALLY.

What would be your biggest advice to a starting out photographer?

Just keep shooting. And maybe ask photographers you respect to look at your work. A good critique can save you loads of trouble down the line! I had good people around me when I started who weren't afraid to tell me when my work was crap and it was amazing b/c they saw things I didn't see! If there is someone you follow, you can always ask... they might say no but they might also say yes and help you!


While I'm gone, Jodie will be popping in on my blog to happily entertain you. I just love it and love her! And, if you're interested in getting to know about Jodie and her bestie partner Kim...hop over to her blog and give her some blog love! You can find her sweetness HERE!

And before I'm off and running for the are two of the several guilty parties for the poopy mess all over a recent location I was at. The poopy mess I was belly crawling on and all! Yep...good, soft, squishy times!

While I will be away from my email, if you have any assistant Mariah will happily be answering them.

AND, if you're interested in my mini sessions this March and me to be put on my list. I will be releasing the details for my mini sessions shortly after I return. I will first release availability to my waiting list, then my clients and lastly to my blog. As of right now, it's filling up faster than I thought...possibly making me think of adding another day. Reading the emails really makes me happy and fill with warm and fuzzy feelings that each of you are thinking of me in capturing your family.



Anonymous said...

Hellllllllllllo ladies! This is so great! You guys are so awesome! I'm honored to have "met" you guys!

Have a great trip Tami!

Betsy Betsy Bo Betsy

Anonymous said...

Love the interview and also very sad about Lyndsay's situation. Have a wonderful trip!!! LYG, N